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Breast Implants Too Big?

I had silicone under implants done 2 wks ago. I asked for a full B/small C and when I went in my surgeon & I agreed that 300-325 cc's was the right size for me & I... READ MORE

I am so anxious for my implant to drop, should I be do massages?

I recently had silicone unders and at my 1 week follow up my doctor did not say anything about the massages. He said to move them around as I felt like it and I don't go back... READ MORE

I'm 5'7" weigh 133, got 375 silicone unders in crease 18 days ago. What Exercises Can I Do After Breast Implants?

I'm 5'7" weigh 133, got 375 silicone unders in crease 18 days ago. They havent dropped yet & are still high/tight but getting better &I feel good, I think the normal... READ MORE

Upper Body Weights After Implants?

I had 375cc silicone unders 19 days ago. I am dying to get back to running & lifting. I've been walking w/ incline about 35 min a day & doing lower body weights. When... READ MORE

What Exercises Are Safe 3 Weeks After Breast Implants?

I had silicone unders 3 weeks ago. I am doing ab work not affecting pecs & gradually increasing my cardio, just using a treadmill to walk but my surgeon says I can start... READ MORE

4.5 weeks post op, my implants haven't dropped. Breast Implant Massage?

I am 4 1/2 wks & implants haven't dropped at my 4 wk appt my PS said I could start massage but just said to move them around aggressively. Didn't give me anything specific to... READ MORE

Feel of Implants 5 Weeks Post?

I'm 5 weeks PO tomorrow & was just told to start massages @ 4 wks, how long till they feel soft & like part of me? Still waiting on them to drop, should I be massaging... READ MORE

7 Weeks Post Op and They Still Don't Feel Natural?

I'm 7 weeks postop silicone 375 unders. They still don't feel like mine, are softer but still unnatural & haven't dropped! I feel like the bottom is filling out some but... READ MORE

Implant Placement?

Almost 8 wks postop 375 silicone unders that have not dropped any-massaging but no improvement yet. Big worry is the placement of the nipple-it seems low & pointed downward... READ MORE

Squishy Bump on Implant Scar?

I had silicone unders 8 1/2 wks ago & I feel a squishy lump or like bubble around my scar in breast crease on one side. What is this? I also still have some light pains in... READ MORE

Breast Implants Won't Drop?

I am 9 wks postop & my 375 mod plus silicone unders still won't drop! Im pretty happy with the size but they have that high upper slope that I hate esp when trying on... READ MORE

Bottom of Breast Feels Weak After Implants?

I had silicone 375cc unders done in the crease over 10 wks ago that haven't dropped but in the last couple weeks the implant has become more palpable at the crease on both... READ MORE

Implant Shape 14 Weeks Post Op? (photo)

Under muscle 375 gel. My implants haven't changed shape much at all since 1 mo. Nipple is low & torpedo shaped, just saw my ps & he said I might need a lift but I've... READ MORE

Tenderness 4 Months Postop?

Is it normal to have mild tenderness still at 4 months postop? I had 375 silicone unders. Left side had mostly no feeling until a month ago & now is coming back a lot but... READ MORE

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I know everyone has an opinion and you can take them or leave them all but I think you look just amazing! REALLY. I had mine done March 28 of last year and I have followed your story the whole way, I understand what a process this is-I... READ COMMENT

I think that is a great way to look at it! Think about how far you've come. That's what I do when I look at mine and think they're just exactly what I wished for. True, since we are paying for them we want perfection but I just think... READ COMMENT

They look HUGE and awesome in this picture! In my opinion, you have the perfect size! They can look fabulously huge when you want them to but then also discreet when you need them to in everyday life! READ COMMENT

Oh my gosh!! I'm so happy to read your post Rubix!! I'm 14 weeks postop & I got 375 gel unders & they still have NOT SETTLED! My nipples point downward & implants are sitting too high! I'm so nervous they not settle!! Thanks for... READ COMMENT

I think they look great!!!! Perfect size for your frame! They look big enough to fill out your clothes fantastically but not too large to keep you from wearing certain styles of dresses & tops! I hope you like them better own because I... READ COMMENT