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Full Face Dermabrasion - Jacksonville, FL

I've made and canceled this procedure 3 different times. My husband and my friends all feel I'm making a mistake. Even two of the women who work in the scheduling department feel I don't need to do this.They think I'm CRAZY!!! But I have so many acne scars all over my face and I would love to be rid of them forever! Dr Wallace feels that I'll be very happy. I am afraid though with all the... READ MORE

Questions from kimmie63

Having my nose fixed after being hit by a dog?

I had my nose done several years ago and while it was healing my dog jumped up and hit my nose really hard while the split was still on it. So my nose healed badly and I was... READ MORE

How long does it take to see real results from Microdermabrasion?

I had full face dermabrasion 3 weeks 4 days ago. I can still see every scar as if nothing has been done. and that worries me. My face is all broken out and still very red with... READ MORE

Here are a few side views of my nose. (Photo)

This is to the doctor who said that he needed a side view of my nose. My dog jumped up and hit my hard while it was healing then a maybe a week after that weeks it was hit on... READ MORE

Can you have a revision rhinoplasty and mini lift at the same time and have good results or is it a bad idea?

Can you have a Revision Rhinoplasty and mini Lift at the same time and have good results or is it a bad idea? I realize that Revision Rhinoplasty can be very complicating but I... READ MORE

Would a mini face lift be a good thing for me? (Photo)

I've asked if it would be okay to have a revision of my nose done and a mini lift together and the answer was yes. I thought that sending pictures of my face showing the areas... READ MORE

Pictures never uploaded. So here they are (Photo)

I asked the question about a lower face lift and my nose revision. Also loss of volume. For whatever reason the pictures never posted so here they are. READ MORE

Cost for a full face and neck lift along with a nose revision.

I would love to have this done in September for my 52 birthday. What is the price range? I've already added many pictures. kimmy 63. Thanks, KimPoarch READ MORE

Why is it that every time I have lip fillers put in they look like fish lips?

Why is it that everytime I have lip fillers put in they look like fish lips? Could it be because my lips are thin and I've lost volume in my face? I keep having it done... READ MORE

Why do I always get an over bite when I have fillers put into my lips? (photos)

I've had my lips done many times and every time I do no one likes them and the top is always larger then the bottom. Why can't I ever get them done even ? READ MORE

Ultra Therapy and Lip Filler? (photos)

I had Ultra Therapy done a few weeks ago. I've read so many negative reviews about it that I'm praying that I haven't wasted my money. Also after having my lips done on the 8th... READ MORE

How can I find a qualified doctor to do my lips in my area? (Photo)

I've had my lips done many times and each time I was not happy! I've always wanted full natural looking lips. Every doctor I've gone to puts to much in the top giving me an... READ MORE

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They look great!!! READ COMMENT

So you would recommend this procedure? The ratings don't look so good to me but I would like to know how you feel about it. READ COMMENT

Hi Muncy02! Can you still see yoiur scaring? Are you happy with the results? READ COMMENT

I can tell you that i had my procedure done on December 19th and on February 10th every single scar is still there as if i never had dermabrasion done. The only thing that i can hope for is that the collagen isstill building. My... READ COMMENT

Hi there!!! So happy for you. Ive been thinking of you and finally took the time to pull you up on my phone and read all your updates. Please keep me posted. READ COMMENT