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Duran Doll July 11, 2016 RD2 (Arm Lift ,Lipo &TT Revision)

I'm looking to have a full TT, LipoTransfer into the booty. Looking to find a buddy or two For support. I was 307 pounds .. finally down to 195 but the excess skin is just horrible. I've been really uncomfortable for years. I don't have any children and don't intend on having any. It's... READ MORE

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Hey love I'm flying out on the 10th having surgery the 11th . Wish I could do it then but because of work I have to go the 10th . I am looking for a buddy . If you know of anyone going when I am let me know please. I will see you there. READ COMMENT

Sorry for the delay this thing never lets me know when I have a message. I'm having a TT AND ARM LIFT HOPE SOME LIPO!!! READ COMMENT

Hey doll my app hasn't been working . I'm sorry for the delay . I'm going for July 11th after the holiday because it's nuts then READ COMMENT

My app didn't let me know you wrote stewpid thing. Yes leaving the tenth for sx the 11th READ COMMENT

If you go the second week let me know READ COMMENT