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Also, that's pretty hilarious. Where are the "indisputable" facts backing FE? Where are the peer-reviewed studies, the journals, the scientific backing? Literally all anyone in this post has said is "BUT IT WORKS FOR ME... READ COMMENT

I have to admit Honey Bee's pictures have made me more a believer, but I still am having a hard time understanding why the women on this forum have to be so ugly just because someone else doesn't believe in the same thing they believe in. READ COMMENT

Why exactly do you think those lines around the lips form? Why does my aunt, who has never smoked but obsessively drinks from a straw all day long for the last 20 years, have those lines around her lips while no one else in the family... READ COMMENT

I already posted it. READ COMMENT

Nobody really cares about ANYONE's opinion unless that opinion matches their own, no? Actually, this post was started with disbelievers in mind, so I don't know why I should have to worry about anyone caring about my opinion, shrug. READ COMMENT