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Questions from Yoga2016

7 Weeks out from Surgery. Should I Have my Upper Right Lid Fixed for Scars? (photo)

Also Please Tell Me if Lower Lids Need to Be Fixed. I am 7 weeks out from surgery for mid face lift and bilateral upper and lower eye lid tucks with mid face suspension, and... READ MORE

Eyelashes Falling Out the Week After Upper/Lower Bleph? (photo)

I am 2 months out from having upper and lower blepharoplasty. My upper and lower lashes started falling out the week after surgery, and at this point I barely have any lashes... READ MORE

Big Wrinkle from Upper Blepharoplasty? (photo)

It is 2-1/2 months since upper blepharoplasty. Ever since the surgery both my upper lids have had a big wrinkle near inner corner of my eyes. Is this common? My doctor said he... READ MORE

Temporal Buccal Loop Lift Removal, Dimple Lift? (photo)

My doctor performed a SMAS Facelift with mid face suspension & Temporal Buccal Loop-lift (dimple lift). A mo. after surgery, it was clear to the Dr. & me that the... READ MORE

SMAS Mid Face Lift Support Suture Cut but Left in Face (photo)

2 months ago I had a SMAS mid face lift. In addition I paid for a support suture that extended in a triangle from my temple to the cheek and right above my ear. Per Dr, more of... READ MORE

Very Nauseated and Sensitive to Bright Light Causing More Nausea After Reconstructive Surgery? (photo)

Had both upper/lower blephs, SMAS mid face lift and a Buccal loop lift. The Buccal loop was a suture from my temple to my buccal area, then triangularly up to just above my ear... READ MORE

Wrinkles and Excess Skin After Upper and Lower Blepharoplasty? (photo)

I had both upper & lower blepharoplasty 4 months ago. Please tell me if I should have reconstructive surgery for the wrinkled skin texture at outer edge and big wrinkle at... READ MORE

Six Months Post Blepharoplasty and Skin Pulling at Outer Edge of Eyes and Increasingly Visible Sclera? (photo)

6 mo.s ago I had upper & lower blepharoplasty. I have had increasing problems opening my eyes because it feels & looks like the skin at the outer edge of my eyes is... READ MORE

6 Months out from SMAS Facelift and Mid -face Suspension and Seeing Wrinkles and Jowls. Requesting Advice on How to Fix? (photo)

6 months out from SMAS facelift (including jawline, neck and lateral face) plus mid -face suspension. i am already seeing wrinkles on my neck and jowls. Requesting advice on... READ MORE

Sagging of the neck 11 months after SMAS facelift (includes the lateral face and jawline) (photo)

Also had mid face suspension.11 months after SMAS facelift (includes the lateral face and jawline) . Also had mid face suspension. Terrible sagging under my neck after surgery.... READ MORE

15 months post op Blerophlasty, I have uneven eyes, sagging on the upper lid, & swelling under the eyes. Is this normal? (photo)

It has been 15 months since my upper and lower blepharoplasty. I am having difficulty opening my right eye. The lid appears to be sagging and makes me look cross-eyed. I also... READ MORE

What should I do if I have swelling under my eyes 19 months after upper and lower blepharoplasty? (photo)

Had upper & lower blephs with MidFace suspension, SMAS Facelift & TBL 19 mos ago. Still have puffiness under my eyes, sagging of my right eye & visible sclera. Saw 2 facial... READ MORE

Upper & lower bleph in Feb 2013. 2 yrs. 9 mos post eyelids are wrinkled, sagging & look cross-eyed. Puffy bags under eye (Photo)

Please tell me what I should do to improve the symmetry of my eyes, size of my eyes (I.e. Larger lid area as in pix 9 mid ago) get rid of puffiness under my eyes & wrinkled... READ MORE

3 yrs post op upper & lower bleph. Have a hard time opening my right eye. Eyelids still creased and wrinkled and crooked (Photo)

I had upper and lower Blephs done 3/13. I now look cross eyed and have a very difficult time opening my right eye. My eyelids which were wrinkled after surgery (was told this... READ MORE

Recent comments from Yoga2016

Hi Elle. I am so very sorry about your results. I too had a very bad experience with surgery done by Dr. Randy Wong. It has been 3 years and I think I am finally ready to have my eyes which are crooked and wrinkled with too much fat... READ COMMENT

Hi! I would really like to know if you had a repair done for ptosis. I am looking for a good ocular plastic surgeon and am willing to travel to West coast! Had upper and lower Blephs done in Hawaii and my eyes are so crooked with... READ COMMENT

Congratulations! I am very happy for you! I am going through the same processes and hesitations about having corrective procedures performed on my eyes. Had such a bad experience which has been emotionally and physically... READ COMMENT

Could you please help those of us who are looking into this procedure by letting us know who your doctors were that gave you these very unforgiving FTs? I feel so bad for you. I have had my own bad experience with surgical facelift... READ COMMENT

Let me know how your eyes settle. My eyelids are sagging 16 months after surgery by the same doctor. READ COMMENT