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Glenview IL

I had a Mira Dry procedure today with Dr. Casas at Glenview. The procedure took about 2 hours. Dr. Casas, included all personnel,were very nice, friendly and helpful. During the procedure I did not feel any pain at all, later on about 5 hours later I felt a little discomfort under my arms but nothing more than that. For pain I also has been prescribed a pain medication. Overall very happy that... READ MORE

Questions from katepproxx

Droopy Cheeks, Hollow Eyes? (photo)

I am 27 years old. I have hollow flat cheeks and hollow eyes. It seems that the fat pad just dropped. I have never smoked or drink, and I eat healthy. I start using retinol,... READ MORE

What is the Best Way to Lift Cheeks Without Surgery and Fillers?

Can any laser help to fix it like venus freeze, Ultherapy or thermage? READ MORE

Midface Lift Types, Time Results, risks?

What kind of cheek lift (midface lift) performed and what is the difference between them. How long the result will last in different types, and % of permanent nerve damagein... READ MORE

Venus Freeze on My Face and Now Cheeks Look Flat?

I used Venus freeze on my face Now my cheeks looks flat Does Venus freeze destroyes fat cells forever? Will I get my usual chubby cheeks after certain time? READ MORE

Ultherapy Costs?

When I went for consultation, the told me that I need to do extra lines which cost extra. Is it true that I have an option of it or they just want to get extra money from me... READ MORE

Ultherapy or Filler for Lifting? (photo)

Hello!!! I am 27 years. Can someone tell me if ultherapy or fillers can help me to lift cheeks and little sagging around jowels???? Thank u! READ MORE

Ulthera Side Effect?

I am 27 years old, had ulthera on my eyebrows 2 weeks ago. After the treatment had no bruises or swelling, only tingling and sensitive to touch. After 3 days until today I have... READ MORE

Ulthera Results: how much of the lifting does ulthera do?

How much of the lifting does ulthera do? What is lifting in this procedure (skin, tissue with fat under the skin)? READ MORE

Mini Face Lift and Full Face Lift?

What is the difference between mini face lift and full face lift? What happens to the fat pads which drooping in the jawline? Where is the higher chance of getting serious side... READ MORE

Radiofrequency Devices Side Effects?

Is using radiofrequency devices for the face safe since they destroy fat cells? Can your body to restore fat cells naturally if it being damaged by rf devices such as thermage... READ MORE

What treatments are existing if i have seborea dermatitis?

Hello!! what treatments are existing if i have seborea dermatitis? my hair is itching a lot. the doctor prescribe nizoral and corticosteroids with no success. thanks a... READ MORE

Can I do IPL and Pixel Laser 2 weeks after having vampire facials?

I did 5 vampire facials, 2 weeks in between to restore the volume. Is it dangerous to do any laser after vampire prp facial? Thanks READ MORE

What can I do if I have red spot on my face after using Corticosteroid for 1 month?

 I burned myself with salicylic acid and after that treated myself with corticosteroid, sine than I have a round red spot at that place which will not go away either with... READ MORE

Filler/PRP vampire facial: Does corticosteroid interferes with fillers?

Hello! I did 5 times vampire facials. It gave me some volume but after I have to use corticosteroid for 3 weeks due to some dermatitis and now I have no volume in my face. Does... READ MORE

I have Rosacea, how can I make my skin less sensitive? Would laser treatments help?

Hello! How can I make my skin less sensitive? I have rosacea 2 months already and anything I put on it makes it more irritated even with finacea and metrogel. My skin never was... READ MORE

Still blushing very easily after 2 V Beam treatments for Rosacea. What should I do?

I developed rosacea from overusing corticosteroids: acne rosacea and redness around my eyes and nose. I can not use AHA and retinol products now even though I could use it... READ MORE

Rosacea Aggravation - Can Rosacea get worse with laser treatments such as V beam, Yag and IPL?

Can rosacea get worst with any of the laser treatments such as v beam, yag and IPL? READ MORE

I have a resistant acne rosacea. Do I have any other options such as Accutane or higher dose of antibiotics?

Hello! I have a resistant acne rosacea. I tried metro gel and finacea in addition to oracea and 100 mg dexocycline but nothing worked for me. Do I have any other options such... READ MORE

What are the common side effects when taking Accutane?

I have acne rosacea and my derm.will put me on 20 mg dose of accutane. What are the cominnon serious side effects are known to your patients or u have in ur practice? I am... READ MORE

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It's has been only 1 week, I can not wear anything yet and basically I do not need to I will Post update READ COMMENT