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How Long Does It Take to See Results in Fat Transfer to Butt?

On April 17, 2013 I had the surgery for tt, lipo w/fat transfer to my butt.I still did have not seen any changes.actually my butt is getting smaller in I lost 15 pounds..I'm... READ MORE

How Soon Can I Transfer More Fat to Butt After 5 Weeks of Post Op Tt, Lipo Fat Transfer?

So I'm 5 weeks post op from my tt, lipo w/fat with the feed back I recieved I'm guessing the fat cells did not take there any way I can try in feed the fat... READ MORE

I'm 10 Post Op from Tt, Lipo, Fat Transfer to Butt. Still No Good Results. I'm So Sad?

I'm 10 weeks post op tt, lipo, fat transfer to butt.I still don't see not result. This is really sending me to a depressed stage.I'm so unhappy with my butt.what is the time... READ MORE

2 Months Post Tummy Tuck, Lipo, Fat Transfer. Today I Discovered a Lump in My Abs?

Today I discovered I have a lump in my abs section of my stomach were the doctor stitch me at.I'm afraid I might have bust them open.this lump just appear out od no where.I'm... READ MORE

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I felt like for 10, 000 my body should have came out better.I was out of work for 1 month READ COMMENT

I had a tt, lipo w/fat transfer to my butt on april 17 2013.I must say I'm very unhappy w/my results. I spent 10,000 on this surgery. My stomach is still is still swollen, my butt is still the same keep in mind u don't always... READ COMMENT

I had tt, lipo w/fat transfer to my butt.I must say I'm very uphappy w/my surgery. $10, 000 was spent on this stomach Is still sore in swollen. The fat did not take at all to my keep in mind you don't always get what... READ COMMENT

Omg I have the same is the day I get my surgery fear is I'm not going to wake up,in my five kids will be without a family is trying to talk me out of it.the more they try to stop me.the more I get scared... READ COMMENT