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I Am Interested in a New Procedure Using a Machine Called Vanquish Has Anyone Heard of the Technology Behind This?

Is anyone familiar with this technology of heating fat cells to lose weight? If so does it work and what results does it give? The machine is suppose to heat the tissue to 110... READ MORE

Does Vaser Shape Work? If So, Why Aren't More Doctors Performing the Procedure?

I found so much information on coolsculpting and other treatments but vaser shape has only a few reviews and not many articles about it. Im sure it doesn't work for everyone... READ MORE

Should Non-invasive Fat Removal Techniques Send the Body into Ketosis?

I have had two vaser shape treatments recently. I was told that the cells will leak there fat contents and should be excreted into the urine. I have done low-carb diets before... READ MORE

Is it ok to start taking phentermine after smartlipo?

I had smartlipo with local anesthesia about a week ago. I was taking phentermine but stopped a week or so before surgery. I would like to refill my prescription because I do... READ MORE

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These are great results....tried vasershape and didn't work for me. Coolsculpting will definitely be an option for me if I try another non-invasive procedure. You look great! READ COMMENT

You look great!.....awesome results! READ COMMENT

Wow ur results are fabulous!.... READ COMMENT

Ur results look great!! I had my 2nd treatment today but i didn't see such a dramatic result. Hopefully I will get the results I want soon. I have a treatment plan of 5 for around 1200. I am in Georgia and they were having a special.... READ COMMENT

I am having this done also right now. A series of treatments I had my first one a week ago. I noticed results after the first session but it seems to be temporary as I feel that my stomach looks the same as before within a few hours... READ COMMENT