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Thigh Lift and Partial Lower Body Lift - Tyler, TX

It has been eight months since I had my thigh lift and my partial body lift and I wanted to share my experience in case someone out there was wondering about it. I first had a tummy tuck in July/2012 and then the thigh lift and partial body lift in 2/2013. After having gone through both surgeries, I am actually glad I didn't do it all in one surgery. They tummy tuck was the worst as far as... READ MORE

Arm Lift/Breast Lift with No implants. .Bellesoma Method - Houston, TX

Today is one week post op from having a mini arm lift and an Ultimate Breast Lift with no implants. So far, I haven't had much pain. I do take the pain pills at night to help me sleep because my arms tend to hurt towards the end of the day. I can't raise them above my head though. I have to sleep on my back too. I don't feel like I can drive yet. My breast look great. My nipples are a... READ MORE

Tummy Tuck - Shreveport, LA

I had a tummy tuck over a year ago and just wanted to tell people what recovery was like for those who may be thinking about having one done. First off, I am extremely happy that I had it done. It has been over a year since I had it done. The recovery was a little rough though. The pain wasn't too bad untill I had to cough or if I laughed. Using those abdomen muscles during recovery hurts a... READ MORE

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Yes! I would highly recommend him! No before pics unfortunately. READ COMMENT

You're very welcome. I know the anxiety of not knowing what to expect right before a surgery like this. I'm glad I can help. Yes I am glad overall with it. Seems to be less flabby. Lol. READ COMMENT

Thanks for the compliment! I just took some pics so gonna figure out hiw to post them now. Lol. Stay tuned. READ COMMENT

I'm not sure if it's nerve damage but I can't feel anything around my incision in my arms and tummy too. It's not bad though. You get use to it. READ COMMENT

We didn't talk with dr Lyos. We went with Horndeski because of the way he does his breast lift with no anchor scars. I can send more pics later tonight. I think it was worth it. It is numb still were the incision is. I have no feeling... READ COMMENT