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5'4, 125lbs - New York, NY- Breast Lift, No Implants, and Liposuction- 38 year old mom of three.

I have hated my chest for as long as I can remember. As a teenager, I wore a 34DD bra, and was uncomfortable with the size and the attention they brought. As I matured, and lost my "baby fat" my breasts shrank to a 32C (my happy size), but the shape was never ideal. They sagged and the areola were always larger than I liked. Fast forward to me now, at 38, after having three children (last... READ MORE

38 Years Old- Small Amount of Lower Back Fat. Englewood, NJ

If you have an extra $1200 to spend and VERY realistic expectations you will be happy with this procedure. I did the top of my buttocks where I had some bulges that hung over my panty line and wouldn't go away no matter how much exercise I did. Overall the area I had treated was about 12 inches long and 3 inches wide. I am slim and in shape, so I don't have large pockets of fat. I can... READ MORE

Best for Botox Not for Other Things - New York, NY

I have been going to Dr. Brandt for 6 years. He is the best there is for Botox. He does it in areas I would never think to ask for and the whole effect is so natural no one would ever guess. Even I look at myself and think I look much better after I see him but I don't know why. However, I saw him for pigmentation/dark spots several times and he was always pushing new (more expensive) lasers... READ MORE

Gemini Laser for Age Spots and Pigmentation on Olive-colored Skin - New York, NY

I got 4 treatments with the Gemini laser for age spot and pigmentation removal. Not only was there no improvement but more spots seem to be coming since I had the last treatment three weeks ago. My dermatologist said Gemini was best for me because I have olive skin. He also prescribed tri-luma. Have been avoiding the sun for two years now. Use 50+ sunscreen, and wear hats. I know this... READ MORE

Questions from Aggie

Laser Treatment for Age Spots on Olive Skin

What Laser treatments, if any, are safe and effective for age spot removal for people with olive colored skin? READ MORE

Considering breast lift- what happens to the fat in armpit and bra bulge?

I'm 39 and slim. Bra size is 32D or 34C. My problem is not just my breasts, but loose skin on my back and fat around the armpit- enough to grab. No matter how much I work out,... READ MORE

Aldactone and Weight Gain? 39 year old female

I've been taking 50mg for over a year, finally have skin I love (and great hair) but noticed a thickening around my waist and my breasts feel increasingly tender and heavy.... READ MORE

How Permanent is Clear and Brilliant Laser?

I've gotten about 4 clear and brilliant lasers over the past year. A week after each one, my skin looks amazing for a few days and then it goes back to normal (although my... READ MORE

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When you are excited and anxious about a procedure, even thorough information can go into one ear and out the other. I'm so grateful to have these forums to reassure me that my concerns are normal, and where I can ask follow up... READ COMMENT

That's so exciting! I know it so much money, but figured it's better to do it right the first time around than go cheaper and risk getting more surgery to fix a mistake. Keep me updated! Good luck!!! READ COMMENT

Thanks for your words of encouragement. I think not looking in the mirror for a while is the best advice at this point. READ COMMENT

Correction: "not as high lift but *smaller* areolae" READ COMMENT