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What Does a Touch-up Correction Procedure Entail for Upper Blepharoplasty That Needs Some Repair? (photo)

I had insurance-covered upper blepharoplasty done 11 months ago but the creases ended up asymmetrical and set too low. There's also hooding that remains making the eyelids... READ MORE

Insurance-covered Brow Lift?

I've been pre-approved for a brow lift for visual field obstruction but my doctor (who is very good) only does open coronal, not endoscopic. Will insurance coverage hold if I... READ MORE

Will a Transblepharoplasty Sufficiently Lift the Brow? (photo)

I'm considering a brow lift after a blepharoplasty last year (done too conservatively) failed to address the hooding I have. A new surgeon said that it seems all I need is... READ MORE

If one is scheduled for an endoscopic brow lift, will it entail a separate procedure to request a lateral brow lift as well?

I'm scheduled for an endoscopic brow lift, but just now reading about a lateral brow lift. For aesthetic reasons, I'd like to have the outer ends of my brows lifted a little... READ MORE