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43 Year Old Breast Reduction After Tummy Tuck 2 Years Earlier - Brandon, MS

I hope that having a breast reduction, after having a tummy tuck 2 years ago proves to be a blessing. I know you are probably saying why not do them at the same time. Well I was in a rush and all I wanted was to rid myself of the ugly stomach that was ruining my exercise. Um well truth is they both were running my exercise. They both bashed on my self-esteem but I liked my PS and I was... READ MORE

No REGRETS. Healed!!

I am a 40 year old African American female with no children and dating. I have seriously been contemplating have a Tummy Tuck procedure for over a year. I am no different than most women only thing different my weight didn’t come from child baring or some massive surgery. I just started to gain weight over the years and I never really understood why because I wasn’t eating maybe once a day mos... READ MORE

Questions from divarrives

Is a Fever Normal?

I have been having a low grade fever off and on now my drains are out and I am still having a fever. I have been treating it with tyoenol and it goes away. I have gone to an... READ MORE

Bleeding from Incision After Drains Were Removed and Drain Site Closes? (photo)

Hi: I am two weeks post op a full tummy tuck procedure, my two drains were removed one week and site closed post op. After several days’ later separation began along my p... READ MORE

How Common After a Full Tummy Tuck is Liposuction? (photo)

Is it common after a full tummy tuck at 4 months that a surgeon would recommend liposuction. He mention in our last visit he was concerned about the blood supply during the... READ MORE

Burning sensation in abs and numbness? (photo)

I am a few days shy of six months of a tummy tuck with muscle tightening. I recently started to have what I describe as a sharp burning sensation on one side of my abs. It is... READ MORE

Is this normal that one side heals different? Does the small drainage mean there is an infection or my nipple is dying? (Photo)

I am 12 days PO from a breast reduction/lipo by a board certified surgeon. I have had a good healing process thus far. My 1st PO visit I notice there was a small amount of... READ MORE

Areola peeling with slight drainage with no smell or sensation (feeling). (Photo)

I was advised that my areola would began to peel and once it peels it will return to it's normal color. I would like to know if the pictures attached now are healthy peeling or... READ MORE

What is a nipple tattoo and what is a nipple graft are they one in the same? (photos)

I had to have a areola debridement after my nipple tissue was dying due to insufficient blood supply picture attached.PS gave me all the options and after entering in surgery... READ MORE

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Diva how are you doing? READ COMMENT

Take this time to look at all the cute bras you will have to buy and all the tops you will have get taken in and even the new wardrobe you will have to buy. Last and think of how great you are going to feel about yourself.... I am... READ COMMENT

I would have to agree they are support and most of the ladies on FB are a member here. U think everyone has been real upbeat about the process. I was nervous well is nervous because the comments of poor healing scares me. READ COMMENT

We are surgery sisters. READ COMMENT