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Laser Hair Removal has been a life saver! - Portland, OR

Laser Hair removal has always interested me. In high school I was on the swim team and I grew tired of constantly shaving my bikini area! It was embarrassing to have red marks and stubble almost every day.. Or even worse nasty dark hairs coming out of your bathing suit! YUCK! After my sister in law began treatments on her bikini area! I thought to myself why not I would love to feel free in... READ MORE

Decided to love myself the way God Created me :)

I have been going back and forth for years about this decision. Like many of you other ladies I have been teased about being flat or looking like a 12 year old boy. I have wanted boobs even before I hit puberty! I was so excited to to grow boobs when I was younger and feel feminine like a girl! I always thought that since my mom had boobs I would too but now I know that I take after my dads... READ MORE

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You and I sound so similar! :) Good Luck tomorrow! :) READ COMMENT

OH my goodness I identify with your story so much!! When you said, "Would love to be able to buy a bra that's not a padded, push-up. Don't think I've ever owned one. Depressing :( I can sometimes feel sexy in clothes with my extremely... READ COMMENT

I'm SOOOO glad that there are other woman out there just like me! I feel like one day I'm on cloud 9 and then the other I want to cry and feel like a need to change my heart. I can't believe he answered you with one word answers....... READ COMMENT

Thank you for your honest answer! I was shocked! I had no idea! I thought they were going to get to know me at least a little more before hand they cut me open! I am glad that they were able to talk to me again without having to pay... READ COMMENT

Ah you and I have the exact same nerves! I have been freaking out.. stressed wanting to cry but at the same time not really.... ugh! It's been really stressful and nothing has even been done yet! It's hard to feel confident about a... READ COMMENT