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Trying to Find a Good Doc for Bbl - Miami, FL

I would like a little more volume in the upper part of my butt. And I have stubborn fat in my back and love handles. Don't want to go too big just needs a little help. Also I want my hips to project more. Im 30 5 ft 9 160 want to be about 140 lbs. I am trying to find out more about this procedure. I haven't yet chosen a doctor. so basically I have been searching like... READ MORE

30 Year Old Female. Filler Advice. Miami, FL

I called Dr Blinski's office to ask for advice on how to disguise bad sculptra results from a previous doctor. Dr Blinski spoke with me directly and gave me wonderful advice and advised me on some other facial fillers that would be more appropriate . He also referred me to 3 drs that are close to my home or I could come and see him personally. Awesome pleasant doctor who is very highly... READ MORE

pics of my new 840 implants - Cherry Hill, NJ

Dr. Sorokin is an expert and I am already thrilled with my results. He was ver y informative and his Work is amazing. I had barely any Pain. OUSTANDING WORK. LOVELY STAFF!! :-) :-) :-) I went with hp Salines implants. I World reccomend to anyone. Ver y nice moderno facility. It went so well. Feeling good at 7 months post open. Love that I can sometimes go braless Feeling... READ MORE

pics of my new 840cc hp implants by Dr. Evan sorokin

For me it was quite painful I was a deflated 36A im now a 36 C . I was tired of avoiding beaches and lakes I sm a mom of 4 im 29 and needed a boost. So I finally called my ps and booked a consul. The surgery went smooth .But in the begining I thought the tightness woyld never leave. It does though eventull. The muscle spasms lasted a long time. But each day it got better for me... READ MORE

Questions from Evolutions 163

High Incision Scars and Hypertrophic Scarring, What Can I Do? (photo)

Im 5 months post op snd my incisions look to high on breasts. And my inscions are still red and look raised and noticable and the incisions are nowhere near crease. What can I... READ MORE

I Just Turned 30 but a Lot of People View Me Older. I Feel my Skin Seems a Bit Lax? (photo)

My jaw and under chin skin looks loose and my cheeks look droopy would I be a candidate for a facelift? READ MORE

How long should I wait to have a fat transfer after having sculptra?

Hi I just had sculptra done 3 weeks ago to add more volume to my face that had lost a little volume. im 30  how long do I have to wait to try fat transfer since I already... READ MORE

I'm 30 and worried about aging. What facial procedures would you suggest to make me look younger? (photos)

I'm only 30 but i'm feeling that I look old is there any facial rejuvenation that can help me. possibly cheek aug cheek fillers fat fillers what areas need to be addressed... READ MORE

I'm 30 and had Sculptra done 2 months ago. So far subtle results.. But I want to now lose 20 lbs. Will I need more injections?

I'm wondering if I will need more treatments of sculptra after the 20 lbs I want to lose. The doc said the weight loss wouldn't matter but i'm wondering if it will. I want the... READ MORE

My face looks more toned on one side after sculptra 3 months ago. How can I disguise this problem? (Photo)

I HAD FOUR vials total to refresh my face. I'm 30. The right side looks toned and ok but the left has some howling and doesn't look firm . What possibly happened with the... READ MORE

Unsightly tummy tuck scars. Are there any treatments that can make raised scars look flatter?

I had a tummy tuck about 6 months ago. My belly button has a raised scar around it, as well as my lower abdomen area which is also raised. Are there any treatments that can... READ MORE

I'm 30 and had 2 sessions of Sculptra. I noticed my cheeks appeared saggier. Could a mini lift help? (photo)

I had 2 sessions of sculptra and 4 vials my face appears saggier and bottom heavy. Could a mini lift help?I feel that my face looks older now after the treatments. Would a mini... READ MORE

Which procedure can give me very projected hips?

I am currently looking into a bbl. But my focus is more on making the hips project. How can this look be achieved? READ MORE

Sculptra nodule 11 months post op. Should I be concerned?

I have a nodule near my chin area. Its about the size of a pearl. I can't see it but can feel it. Should I be concerned?? READ MORE

I'm 5 ft 9, 165, age 31 and I want a Brazilian butt lift. Can I do it without gaining more weight? (Photo)

Hi I would like to have this procedure done , but I don't want to gain any weight. I was told I needed more weight. But my actual ideal weight is 145 . I want an hour glass... READ MORE

Will a Brazilian Butt Lift get rid of my back fat rolls? (photos)

I really can't get my back rolls to go I'm 31 with 4 kids and this fat seems stubborn in my back. READ MORE

I'm 31 and used Sculptra 1 year ago. The placement makes my face appear droopy. Would a facelift fix this?

I'm 31 and I a not saying sculptra is bad, but I got bad results after the 2nd session. I have never had the issues I have now and I need advice on whether a facelift will fix... READ MORE

Facial droop in 31 year-old after poor sculptural placement. Will a facelift help? (photos)

I now have a bottom heavy face after 4 vials of sculptural placed a year and 3 months ago. Will a facelift help me?? I'm seeking a doctor that can help. READ MORE

I have nipples that only come out with temperature changes. Is nipple correction safe with implants?

Hi. I have nipples that only come out when cold but wish they would stay out. Can nipples be corrected with implants. Or could this be a bad idea??thanks for your professional... READ MORE

I have a new large lup of sculptra on my jaw line that has increased in size. I'm 1yr 4 months post injections. Any suggestions?

I have to nodules. One feels like a frozen pea in the chin. The other us along the jawline and feels like a lump and is discolored and visible. It has definitely grown.. do o... READ MORE

I'm 31 yrs old female. Would a periareola lift help to raise my areolas slightly? (photos)

Would a periareola lift help to raise my areolas slightly or some other type of lift? I'm in saline implants sub muscular. READ MORE

Hi, I posted a picture before in an earlier post, but this pic is better. Is it possible to get this result with a lift. (photo)

As shown in the photo below. Can Iachieve a lift like this? And what type may be best ?? I'm 1yr post breast aug and looking for a doctor who can possibly. do this thanks! READ MORE

Can an 825cc HP saline implant in a tall woman be switched to a silicone HP 800?

I was curious to know if its a good idea. or will the sizes be drastically different? READ MORE

What type of treatment is best for fine lines at 3? Is there a safe laser for tan complexion?

I have some fine lines on my face and around my eyes. Is there a safe laser that can be done on light tanned face complexion. I wear sunscreen every day. READ MORE

Does Sculptra collagen ever leave? It's been 2 years since I had 4 vials spread out over the course of 3 months.

The collagen produced a very bottom heavy face and I'm not very old, but due to the placement my face still remains puffy and bottom heavy. Is there any way to break this down?... READ MORE

After having a bad experience with a long lasting filler, I would like to know which filler is most safe and reversible.

If a patients wants a little cheeks enhancement, but doesn't want anything too long lasting or irreversible, which filler would be most appropriate. I'm age 31. READ MORE

I'm interested in having liposuction done by a board certified plastic surgeon. Is this usually performed awake or under?

I was curious to know what the preferred method is. I would like abdominal area, upper and lower abs, back lower and braline as well as love handles. READ MORE

I'm 31 and had sculptra done 2 years ago. My nasolabial folds look pronounced. What can be done to improve this? (Photo)

I'm looking for a board certified plastic surgeon who is willing to help me find a good solution Thanks. READ MORE

I had Sculptra done at age 29. It is now 2 years post and it swells and sags on one side. I used a reputable plastic surgeon.

I would like to know what can stop the sculptra from continuing to swelling as it swells more on one side and makes face looks heavy in lower portion. Thanks. READ MORE

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I went with 800 cc salines hp filled to 840 still wish they were bigger

While I like my results, I still wish they were a bit larger.  this was a revision.  I originally had 475 mod plus, now i'm in 840 hp.  does anyone else still... READ MORE

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Check out his lipo on his site. He has skills and strict safety ethics. READ COMMENT

Docs warned me about the momand pop Miami clinics. Jose perez is who I might go . READ COMMENT

Totally understand u. that is why I back backed out of vanity. I would rather 2;rounds with a good real board certified plastic surgeon. READ COMMENT

Yeah sculptra really does rearrange the face and the collagen can make people look much much older. READ COMMENT

Your very pretty. I can tell u will have a great result. I absolutely love that store. X READ COMMENT