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How to Best Resolve/eliminate Swelling of Outer Eyes - Hard Lumps - 13 Days After Upper/lower Eyelid Lift?

Been 13 days since I had upper and lower eyelid surgery. All went well - overall - no bruising now -minimal swelling... however - I am very concerned about the outer eye area -... READ MORE

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I am 5 weeks out from upper and lower bleph... I too had been very concerned about both dry eye and large outer eye bumps (from dissolvable stitches). Now tho - the eyes are not as dry - and the bumps are definitely going down - but... READ COMMENT

Unfortunately sleeping on the side really makes eye surgery outcomes less positive... and greatly increases wrinkles... and alcohol is a no no... as is sodium... both greatly increase all swelling and minimize recovery. READ COMMENT

Thanks for the advice! I've had skin cancer surgery - huge cut on my face - and I used Mederma - and it looks fantastic... I wasn't sure if others were using Mederma on their eyelid scars or what... looking online I see most people... READ COMMENT

Yes Lain don - I agree with you! This is what my surgeon's entire staff of gals (all who had their eyes done by him as well) kept assuring me... that it takes 6 months and more - to really start seeing the exact results of the surgery... READ COMMENT

Dear Over 55 - I am sorry to hear your report of your experience. What state are you in? I would consider visiting another experienced eye surgeon to get another professional opinion of how you should proceed now. I am 3 weeks out... READ COMMENT