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Cheek Implants (Terino Malar Shell) Dr. Lee - Beverly Hills, CA

Hello RealSelf! I finally got around to writing a review. First off, HUGE shout out & thank you to Miss LinaLeigh! I hope I got your name right. Without her review and generous contribution of photos, I wouldn't have been blessed to have found such a great surgeon as Dr. Harrison Lee! I love you, Lina!!!I originally was going to get the exact same procedures as Lina, which I was quoted... READ MORE

Beware of Lumpiness and Unevenness - Oakbrook, IL

This is a permanent filler. You must be fully informed and prepared to deal with the consequences when receiving permanent substances to your face. I wanted only the temple region filled with a permanent product because, doing the math, is be spending way more on injections every 2-3 months over the course of time. I had a photo with me of how I wanted my temples filled and my Dr.... READ MORE

Questions from GypsyDoll

What Type of Cheek Implant Would Best Suit Me? (photo)

I've been contemplating cheek implants since my failed attempts at fat injections and cheek lifts. I really just want pronounced "apples" and a bit of outward projection on the... READ MORE

Are my Eyes Permanently Messed Up? (photo)

I had lid ptosis repair 12 days ago and I still can't close 1 eye entirely. The eyes now look completely different from each other and 1 eye has a fold over the crease (like... READ MORE

What lip augmentation procedure has this model had done? (photo0

This is an Internet model who has undergone major lip augmentation and re shaping. It appears to be permanent since her lips looked the same for a couple of years. Definite... READ MORE

Cheek implants: To secure or not secure?

Is there a higher risk of migration and/or infection when a cheek implant is placed without securing it with screws? Will just the pocket created, with the resulting scar... READ MORE

How long should I wait after cheek implant surgery to fly home?

I'm planning a cheek augmentation procedure this winter in a city about a 3.5 hour flight away. It is the only procedure being performed at the time of surgery. How long should... READ MORE

What can be done for this strange under eye puffiness? (Photo)

Hi, About 3 years ago I had a cheek lift and lower blepharoplasty done, after a 50 lb rapid loss of weight. Ever since, my right lower lid has retained what looks like... READ MORE

What are my options for lip enhancement to reduce excess tooth show? (photo)

Hello, I know that most people get lip procedures done to increase tooth show, but in my case, I'd like to decrease it. I have not had lip work done except for .05 cc of... READ MORE

Would brow bone reduction be beneficial for me? (Photo)

I'm a natural female with history of androgen issues. Over time Ive tried soft tissue procedures to combat the masculinity of my face with some success, however I believe the... READ MORE

Combo microgenia and overprojected chin? (Photo)

Hello! I've been bothered by my chin/jaw appearance. I look as if my chin is recessed but upon smiling, it juts out far & curls upward. It's natural. My bite is perfect though.... READ MORE

Recent comments from GypsyDoll

Looking fabulous! Your results speak for them self. And Dr. Lam. I wouldn't pay heed to the negative reviews as I've seen numerous ideal results on this procedure alone done by him. READ COMMENT

You don't look too swollen compared to most I've seen who get this procedure. Dr. Lam is an artist! READ COMMENT