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I wish I had a close up of before, the after just had me floored at how much better it felt and looked. Youre right, the numbing cream made it a breeze :) READ COMMENT

I had it done total face and neck, I never heard about the retinol. Im so extremely happy with my results. Im actually contemplating doing it again. At first I was scared out of my mind, "why would a sane person do this to themselves?"... READ COMMENT

Just got back from the Doc, he says not to worry, he went deep and the spots are healing nicely..... to use cold compress when they itch or hurt, and of course wouldnt you know they dont look near as bad today as yesterday when I was... READ COMMENT

Thanks, I will let you know how this turns out :) I have huge lumps that look infected now so Im going to try and get in to see him tomorrow~ READ COMMENT

Thank you Iracalriley, Im just scared of scarring and youre right, they didnt tell me about all of this :( I can see most of my chin and so far it looks ok but I am thinking maybe I need a burn cream for the big burns with the yellow... READ COMMENT