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Deflated Left Breast - North Carolina, NC

I had a breast revision done in late November 2012. The pictures attached show progress at 5 weeks post op from the November 2012 revision. The 2nd image show progress 5 weeks post op after an additional skin trim was done on the left breast in late January 2013. Given the lack of change, the surgeon wants to do an additional skin trim in the fall of this year. My surgeon is out of state.... READ MORE

Questions from lgr1962

Will Second Skin Trim (First One Done 5 Weeks Post Op) to Left Breast Fix Droopiness from Recent Breast Lift? (photo)

I recently had a breast lift/aug done with the right breast looking very nice & the left breast drooping more than before. The surgeon did a skin trim at 5 weeks post op. I... READ MORE

Will Eyelid Shape from Lower Lid Surgery Retrun to Normal Without More Surgical Intervention? (photo)

I recently had a lower lid lift along with a MACS lift. I had quite a bit of swelling in both eyes with a blister type growth appearing in the right eye. My surgeon is out of... READ MORE

Need Referral to Correct Under Eye Hollows?

I had lower lid blepharoplasty in late November with a MACS lift. Aesthetically, the result is poor (concave, crinkly skin where there was modest fat). Functionally, the lids... READ MORE

Can Anyone Explain Why There is Bubbling of Implant at Armpit on Left Breast? (photo)

I had implant replacement with lift 6 months ago & the left breast has never been right. A portion of the implant appears to bubble out at the armpit. Could this be why the... READ MORE

What Would Be the Best Course of Action to Improve Aesthetic Appearance of Lower Lid Complication? (Photo)

I am now 6 months post op from lower lid/MACS lift surgery. Some of the lower lid blepharoplasty issues are functional in nature & must be fixed; others are cosmetic &... READ MORE

Why did the left breast after revision go from protruding laterally to a straight line medially? What are my corrective options?

Help, please. My surgeon performed a breast aug. & what I thought was a lateral capsuloraphy on 11/29/12. Post surgery, part of the implant was on the other side of the pec... READ MORE

From protruding implant, to lateral displacement to bottoming out. After 2 revs, another is inevitable. Suggestions? (photo)

Nov. 2012 - implant replacement, lift, capsulotomy. Left breast droopy & smaller than right after surgery. Jan. 2013 - Surgeon did skin trim at crease. Left breast still droopy... READ MORE

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That is where I wanted to post it but I did not see an option for posting images on the Q & A. I'm sure I just missed something. Hopefully, a doctor will see it & help me with his/her opinion. READ COMMENT