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I Am a 26 Year Old Active Male Who Thought I Only Needed Lipo :( but I Was Informed on a Mini Tuck? (photo)

Well i thought at 26 id be fine for just lipo since i lost alot of weight over the years and im now 89kg, which is 7kg over my prefered BMI. so im close. and ive maintained... READ MORE

Mini TT with Lipo is Now Infected?

Hi doctors, it's been 4.5 weeks since my mini TT with flank and belly lipo. I developed a seroma which they have been performing serial aspiration upon. (1) My fluid remained... READ MORE

Mini Tt with Flank and Frontal Lipo....INFECTION? (photo)

I did the procedures 4 weeks ago. everything went well, but i developed a SEROMA. this was aspirated at 500ml 1st week, 200ml 2nd wk, 175ml thrd wk. 1) all aspirations were... READ MORE

6 Months Post Op and I Still Feel DIZZY, What Should I Do?

Hello doctors, I am 6 months down a seemingly successful mini TT except for the fact that I developed quite abit of scar tissue which they say is not super common and may... READ MORE

Acute anticholinergic syndrome self diagnosed after months of doctors shrugging me off? I was 100% healthy before surgery!

I experienced post operative brain fog, increased temperature of skin which made me feel like I had a cold a lot with fever, Constant mouth dryness and urination need,... READ MORE

Suspected botched mini abdominoplasty. My belly is swollen 1.5 yrs later. I'm weak and lethargic. What's causing this? (Photo)

Minitummy tuck in 2013 & the recovery was riddled with pain, swelling, dizzyness, lethargy. I went 9 months feeling dizzy and weak and then some improvement. I still feel weak... READ MORE

I'm 2 yrs post mini TT, & suffer from uveitis, light sensitivity, & red eyes, plus daily swelling. What are my options? (Photo)

I get swolen above my belly button & upto where my liver sits or my breast tissue begins. I have measured &, between the morning and the afternoon, my belly distends 6-7cm to... READ MORE

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I am experiencing acute anticholinergic syndrome, and I wanna know who else ever has

Due to being over anesthetized I started experiencing acute anticholinergic syndrome, this happens when muscle relaxants is over administered during surgery, The side effects... READ MORE