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Congrats!!! You're going to feel soooo much better! READ COMMENT

I love your update. Thanks for letting me know how you are! You look great! READ COMMENT

You look freaking amazing! It's only going to get better from here. Just a heads up though you might start feeling zingers soon because of the nerves. Everything is starting to heal. I had zingers and what felt like a sun burn around... READ COMMENT

I had nerve pain that never went away until I explanted. 12 years and bam it was gone! I was so happy! Have you thought about explanting and a lift revision/slight reduction to help out with the unevenness? It's what I did and I... READ COMMENT

Oh you're really welcome. I loved the reviews of ladies that explanted before me, just trying to pass the help along. If you need someone to talk to pm me. No need to be scared alone. READ COMMENT