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FUE and Cowlicks?

I've decided to get a hair transplant. I'm 29, and still have most of my hair: approximately a #2 on the Hamilton-Norwood Scale. Most of my hair loss happened in a short period... READ MORE

Will Hairs Survive FUE Transplant?

Is it possible for both the hair and follicle to survive the transplant? If so, under what conditions is this likely to occur? Thank you. READ MORE

Making Fat-loss More Enduring with Liposuction?

From what I understand: Liposuction is not meant for fat-loss; when a person gains enough weight, their fat cells multiply; when they loose weight the fat-cells shrink, but... READ MORE

Can Cheek, Chin, and Jaw Implants Be Implanted in One Procedure; if So, Approximately How Much Would the Procedure Cost?

I've decided to have my cheek, chin, and jaw augmented. I'd like to have the implants carved before the surgery begins (I understand that this is often an option). In your... READ MORE

I Have Very Large Round Wide Feminine Eyes. Is There a Way to Give my Eyes a More Masculine Shape? (photo)

I'm a 30 year old male. I have eyes that look like they were taken from the world's cutest puppy. It seems to affect people's expectations of me, and how they initially respond... READ MORE

How Many FUE Grafts Would I Need to Restore my Hairline? (PHOTO)

I lost the hair around my peaks in my early twenties (I'm thirty now), it hasn't worsened much since then. The miniaturized hairs have been like that for years. My hairline... READ MORE

How much to fill widows peaks? (Photos)

I've got a pair of ambitious windows peaks. Owing to some help from dutasteride, they haven't advanced in the last few years. I'd like to get them filled in and to lower my... READ MORE