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How Often Does Rhinoplasty Result in a New Nasal Deformity?

I am considering Rhinoplasty to correct my dorsal hump and lift my droopy nasal tip, however I am concerned about the risks. How often do disastrous results occur, such as nose... READ MORE

Should I Have Rhinoplasty and Submentoplasty Performed at the Same Time?

I am considering both Rhinoplasty and Submentoplasty. Should I have both procedures performed at the same time, or would that be overwhelming for the doctor and make healing... READ MORE

Rhinoplasty Surgery Versus Non-surgical Filler Nose Job?

Is the non-surgical nose job safer than traditional rhinoplasty surgery, or just more affordable with less downtime? READ MORE

Concerns Regarding the First Week of Recovery After Primary Rhinoplasty?

In the first week of recovery after primary rhinoplasty, how can you tell if post-operative skin issues such as severe inflammation or necrosis is occurring while the nose is... READ MORE

Is my Nose a More Tough or Simple Case for Primary Rhinoplasty? (photo)

In your expert opinions, is rhinoplasty worth the risks on my nose? (pictured below) I am a female with a very prominent masculine nose (noticeable dorsal hump, droopy tip as... READ MORE

Does my Preferred Rhinoplasty Surgeon Meet the Necessary Qualifications? Are Any Additional Considerations Recommended?

Selecting an appropriate surgeon for primary rhinoplasty appears to be important. My preferred Dr.'s area of expertise is fat transfers, facelifts, & rhinoplasty. He's... READ MORE

Can hypo-pigmentation be improved at home?

Hi, my name is Katie and I have some white acne scars on my face. I am guessing this is post inflammatory hypo-pigmentation. The surrounding skin is red from rosacea. Can these... READ MORE

Should I travel for a nose job done by a world renowned rhinoplasty specialist, or get it done at home in St. Louis?

I have always wanted a nose job to correct my dorsal hump and droopy tip but I am terrified of something going wrong, leaving me with a massive deformity. I have a plastic... READ MORE