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I am white. I had treatments done. I haven't decided if I will do a 3rd yet. I can a little difference, but not as big as I had hoped. I definitely tell a difference in my complexion. People have commented on the "glow" of my skin. My... READ COMMENT

They aren't. They last for about a week to week and half. You will be the only one to notice because you will know to look. READ COMMENT

I got it done in Georgia where I am from. I do recommend it. I still want to get another couple treatments done. My skin is so smooth and soft. Yes, you will have the waffle prints, but only can see if you really look up close. Also,... READ COMMENT

I had my second treatment today. For some reason I am not as swollen or red as last time. Last time the doctor came in and gave me some injections to help block the pain... assume it was lidocaine. However, today doctor had just left... READ COMMENT

Thanks for sharing. I go back Thursday for second treatment. I am happy with the first treatment. I will say it hurt a lot more than I thought it would. However, other people started to make comments about my skin this week so that... READ COMMENT