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One Side of my Face is Slightly Droopy....could Radiesse Treatment Have Damaged Some Facial Nerves?

I had a small amount of Radiesse in my upper cheek area and also more deeply (by cannula) in the lower cheek area. I only had a small amount put in as I didn't want to look... READ MORE

If Botox 'relaxes' the muscles, will this make the rest of the face look more droopy with age?

I've been having Botox in my forehead for around 6 years now - I am 53. My question is …. if Botox 'relaxes' the muscles, will this make the rest of the face look more droopy w... READ MORE

Is Botox in crows feet responsible for making the skin on my face look droopy and open pored?

I had Botox (or the equivalent - she doesn't use Botox or Dysport) in my crows feet mid July this year. I am not sure how much the practitioner used on me (I am trying to find... READ MORE

With Retin A, Is 0.05% the same as 0.5%?

I know that seems like a silly question but I was going to buy some Obagi Retin A to use for lines around my eyes. I've done much research on this. My GP here in the UK would... READ MORE

Is it possible to still have columella tenderness 15 months post septoplasty?

I live in the UK and had a septoplasty 15 months ago to correct a double deviated septum. I had the procedure on the NHS. I am still having tenderness in the columella and... READ MORE

Will I need to have facial filler dissolved before I have jowl lift surgery?

I am booked to have an advanced mini facelift (jowls only) at the end of July. I have just had 2ml's Belotero in my marionette and nasolabial lines to tide me over until the... READ MORE

Overfilled nasolabial lines.... Any suggestions?

I was told once, by a cosmetic surgeon friend, that if someone has overfilling of naso-labial lines, they can get a 'blunting' effect. I didn't think to ask him at the time... READ MORE

Hyalase puzzle...

I'm sure I'm not the only person who's baffled by the enzyme hyalase, that dissolves facial filler. I have heard and read that it not only dissolves unwanted soft filler, but... READ MORE

Any suggestions on Juvederm Voluma?

I had 0.2ml Volume injected in my deep malar fat pad at beg March. It still feels like a big lump and a bit tender. There's more on one side of my face than the other. I don't... READ MORE

Full face and neck lift and a chin implant (winged, inserted from underneath the chin). Will this improve?

I had a full face and neck lift/chin implant (external), 10 wks ago. I'm aware that the mandibular nerve can take some time to wake up properly. My surgeon explained it was a... READ MORE

Why are the sides of my face still hard in places, after 10 months post SMAS facelift?

The sides of my face are still hard in places. The skin and tissue has relaxed in the rest of my face, but because the sides are still stiff, could this be why it's still... READ MORE

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Not a troll at all actually Kitty and I'm unsure why my comment was removed as it was innocuous. READ COMMENT

There seems to be confusion on this thread. Tswaffer...who are you referring to? The woman who posted the original question went in to say later, that she had her implant removed and was happy. As an aside, I would like to comment... READ COMMENT

Gosh, that is a very in depth and really interesting post. I'm responding because, like many others, I can relate. My experiences with having filler dissolved is to go to a doctor or a surgeon, and to have small amounts of the enzyme... READ COMMENT