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Minimal Fat Loss of Whole Face. Hyaluronic Acid in Very Little Doses for Little Loss. No Original Format Change?

Is it possible recover volume without changing the original format of the whole face wich suffered a little loss of fat? Thanks!! READ MORE

Half imperceptible volume in 'whole' face - not just cheeks and chin. Is it possible?

I lost weight and my face is a little thinner. Is it possible 'recover' volume without changing the original format of the 'whole face' wich suffered a LITTLE loss of fat? READ MORE

In Abrupt Weight Loss, Face Always Return to Normal in 'Young' People when They Recover Normal Weight?

I lost too much weight cause depression. I almost recovered the normal weight but my face still a little thinner than before losing too much weight. I'm just 24. Why my face... READ MORE

Muscle Atrophy? Back to Normal with Exercise?

Hi. I'm 24 and I lost too much weight cause depression. My limbs are thin and flaccid. If I do exercises - and eat right - my muscles will back to normal or they atrophyed? Thanks! READ MORE

Facial Electrostimulation Can Increase Pre-existent Spasms?

I wanna do electrostimulation to strenght facial muscles that became less strenght after an abrupt weight loss, can it increase spasms if I already had them? READ MORE

Flaccidity Caused by Weightloss. Fillers with No Changes in Size of the Face, No Enlargment?

Can liquid facelift or fillers be used to restore much little amount of volume after weight loss and few flaccidity, without it changing the SIZE of the face, I mean NO... READ MORE

Dynamic Scar. Lower Face. Fillers?

I have a dynamic scar in the lower face, besides the mouth. When the face is static, it doesn't appear, but when I speak it becomes evident and very ugly. I assume that botox... READ MORE

Dynamic Scars Besides Mouth. Closures? (photo)

Hi, I have some dynamic scars we can see besides my mouth, distorting the natural skin creases. I just tryed laser, dermaroller, microdermabrasion and all of these light... READ MORE