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Worried About Scarring & Natural Look if I Have Eyelid Surgery? (photo)

I'd like to have surgery to reduce saggy eyelids and the look of tiredness. I am very fair skinned and am worried about scarring. I had a breast reduction 10 years ago and have... READ MORE

Milia After Blepharoplasty?

What causes milia post-bleph and is there anything you can do to discourage them? Would some kind of exfoliation or massaging help keep more from forming? I'm very frustrated... READ MORE

Upper Lid Blepharoplasty 15wks Post-op - Should I Address This Scar Sooner Rather Than Later? (photo)

Really pleased w/ Left Lid - scar right in crease & fading well. Right Lid - scar higher on lid, well above crease, doesn't fall in crease at all - very apparent & red.... READ MORE

Better Pictures of 15 Wk Post-op Scarring - Should I Do Something NOW? (photo)

As per earlier question, re: right eye scarring. Here are better pics - the flash was washing out the details. As you can see right eye incision is way higher up lid and not... READ MORE

2nd Breast Reduction? How to Find PS That Specialzes in 2n'dary BR?

I had BR w/ anchor tech @ 38 yrs (40DD to 38 C/D). 51 yrs now & sagging more, w/ very flat volume above nipple. If I lay on my back, I'm flat to concave across my chest.... READ MORE

Is the only treatment for this a lower Blepharoplasty? (photo)

I love everything about my husband and he doesn't think or act like his 64 years. However, he always looks tired and old because of his under eye area.  Are there other... READ MORE

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7 months post-op Blepharoplasty. So unhappy and lost. What now?

How do I trust that I've found the right dr? I check the orig PS out thoroughly, everything was positive, board certified, great reviews, etc. He told me my "virgin" eyelids... READ MORE

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Fabulous result! READ COMMENT

You look wonderful! What a great result. :) READ COMMENT

I thought this was a "review" of the doctor - is that not the same as an eyelid review. I actually found the original PS here on RealSelf via Find A Doctor and he had no negative reviews at all - from there I did more research on my... READ COMMENT

Well, it's hard to tell by pics, but my right eye incision is way above the natural crease and extends quite a ways out. It's very obvious - not even Dermablend hides it. The Left eye incision is completely different - also quite... READ COMMENT