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Wish I'd Never Met Dr. Sullivan - Columbus, OH

I had 350cc silicone, submuscular implants placed. From the moment I woke up, I knew they looked odd. I ended up finding out from a different doctor that (1) they were poorly placed originally, and (2) had further bottomed out. Dr. Sullivan is not one to take criticism well, and when I complained about pain in my left breast, her response was, "Well, I believe you, but I don't know." Thanks... READ MORE

I Removed My Breast Implants 7.5 Months After I Got Them (5 Months Post-Explant)

I've wanted implants since I was 16, so when I finally got the money for them at the age of 24 I was overjoyed. Finally, I wouldn't look like a teenage boy in a bikini at the pool anymore! I did a ton of research, or so I thought, and went ahead with the procedure at the end of December 2012. I had 350cc silicone implants placed under the muscle via a crease incision. From the moment I woke up... READ MORE

Questions from LuvMyNaturalSelf

What Should I Expect After Breast Implant Removal? (photo)

I have read so many varying answers on the topic; yes, I know it all "depends", but I haven't seen a question with statistics like mine. I had 350cc silicone implants placed... READ MORE

Want Implant Removal After 14 Weeks; Scared of Sagging? (photo)

I had 350cc below-the-muscle implants put in approximately 14 weeks ago, and now I want them removed for numerous reasons. I'm 25, never had children, and have had no... READ MORE

After Implant Removal, Will my Crease Rise on It's Own or Will That Need to Be Surgically Fixed? (photo)

I had a BA almost 4 months ago, changing me from a 34A/B to 32C/D. I'm getting them removed for numerous reasons, but I'm concerned that the new crease created for the larger... READ MORE

Bottoming Out - Getting Explanted, Can I Fix the Crease? (photo)

I'm 25 and had 350cc silicone, under the muscle implants placed 4 months ago. I believed they have bottomed out as the implants now sit significantly lower than the crease... READ MORE

My Doctor Lowered my Crease to Insert the Implants, but Now Says She Won't Raise It when Explanting. Is This Normal?

I had 350cc silicone unders placed on 12/27/12. I'm explanting 6/4/13. My PS lowered my crease initially because my nipple to fold measured only 5cm. It now measures around 9... READ MORE

Will the Distance Between my Inframmary Fold and Nipple Correct Itself? (photo)

I had a BA on 12/27/12; 350cc mod silicone unders. I'm explanting 6/4/13. My concern is the distance between my nipple and inframmary fold. It's significantly larger than... READ MORE

Will a Surgically Lowered Inframammary Fold Raise Itself or Not?

After consulting multiple surgeons, I still am unsure. I had a BA 12/12 and my PS surgically lowered my crease to accommodate the 350cc submuscular silicone. I'm explanting... READ MORE

Drains V. Compression After Explant?

I'm explanting in early August, 7 months after initial explant (I'm 25, no kids, no weight gain/loss). My doctor is performing a capsulectomy, reattaching the muscle to the... READ MORE

Chest Concavity After Breast Implant Removal?

I had 350cc silicone unders placed late December and am removing them early August. I am a tall, slender 25 year old who was very athletic/active prior to BA (pre-op size 32B).... READ MORE

Nipples Sit Higher Than Pre-BA Due to Bottoming Out, Fixable with Explant? (photo)

I had 350cc silicone unders placed 7 months ago and am explanting soon. (I'm 25, no kids, don't smoke, slender/athletic.) The implants have bottomed out and my nipples sit... READ MORE

Muscles Strong Enough for Cross-Fit/Heavy Lifting After Explant?

350cc silicone placed under the muscle 7 months ago. Explant will include reattaching the chest muscle to the ribcage wall. I've always wanted to do cross-fit and after BA... READ MORE

Will Drains Affect the Aesthetic Outcome After Explantation?

I am explanting mid-August after 7 months with 350cc submuscular silicone implants that have bottomed out severely. (I'm 25, no kids, no weight gain/loss.) PS is performing... READ MORE

Chance of Developing Seroma/Hematoma After Explant if Drains Are Used?

I'm explanting mid-August after 7 months of having 350cc silicone unders due to severe bottoming out & other reasons (I'm 25, no kids, no significant weight gain, etc.) My... READ MORE

Chest Muscle Deformity When Muscles Are Flexed; Will Explant Fix This?

I had 350cc submuscular silicone implants placed 12/27/12. I'm removing 8/14/13 for numerous reasons. Right now, my implants look distorted when I flex my chest muscles. I know... READ MORE

Will the Fact That I've Severely Bottomed out Affect the Aesthetic Outcome of my Explant? (photo)

I have planned on removing my implants for awhile, but finally scheduled surgery for 8/14/13 (total time of 7 months with them in). In the time since I decided on removal and... READ MORE

Will a Capsulectomy Affect the Aesthetic Outcome? (photo)

I'm 25, no kids, no weight gain/loss and have had 350cc silicone-mod plus implants under the muscle for 7 months. I'm explanting very soon, and my surgeon is performing a... READ MORE

2 Days Post-Explant, and Bottom of Breast Dented. Permanent?

I explanted 2 days ago after having 350cc submuscular implants for 7.5 months. (I'm 25, no kids, no weight gain/loss.) I'm still bandaged, but I can tell that the bottoms of my... READ MORE

Dent After Explant; Permanent? (photo)

I am post-explant day 7. I have a "dent" at the bottom of my left breast that I'm fearful will not fill in. There is no dent on my right breast, however. My PS seems confident... READ MORE

Likelihood That Reset Crease (After Explant) Will Fall Back Down? (photo)

I explanted 2 weeks ago after problems with my implants, among them, bottoming out. My crease, which was originally lowered anyway, was reset to be even with the scar. I'm not... READ MORE

Does Explant Scar Occasionally Contracts Inwards?

I got an explant in August 2013, just 8 months after first getting my implants. Over the past month (now 10 months post-op), I have noticed an odd contracting feeling every now... READ MORE

Recent comments from LuvMyNaturalSelf

I know how you feel! I still have days when I wish I would have made a better decision on size, type, placement, etc. Always "what if". I read your review, and I do think you look great, but I know what you mean when you say you feel... READ COMMENT

I'm still debating. I have two doctors that I want to consult with, though they're both out of town so I'll need to wait until next year when I have vacation days again. The thought of more surgery definitely frightens me though. READ COMMENT

I debate that a lot. Some days I think what could have been if I'd only gotten maybe 200cc implants, and no lowering of the IMF was done. Other days I remember how uncomfortable they could, especially when sleeping. So, I really don't... READ COMMENT

For the most part, but I definitely still have rough days. I can't help but wonder WHY, especially since millions of women are happy with their implants. It's definitely been a real learning process, and I'm not sure, still, if I'm... READ COMMENT

I only had my implants for 8 months - they had to come out because they were severely bottoming out. READ COMMENT