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Cheek Implant Rejection Concerns?

Hi. I live in Australia and am considering cheek implants. I want this to replace fat lost in the mid face area (I am 61 and have good skin tone and minimal sagging). I want... READ MORE

Cheek Implant - is a Compression Garment Recommended?

I recently asked about implant rejection and wish to thank all those doctors who responded. I have decided to proceed with this surgery and am in the process of locating a... READ MORE

Preventing Infection Using Cheek Implants?

Which method of inserting cheek implants provides the best protection against infection or, in other words, how is the sterility of the implant best preserved during insertion?... READ MORE

Can a Doctor Recommended a Plastic Surgeon Consulting in Manila, Philippines Who is Experienced in Cheek Augmentation?

I will be in Manila in early July and would like to have sub malar cheek implants inserted by a well qualified PS preferably trained in the US or another First World country... READ MORE

Bulging vein on left cheekbone. Would a vascular surgeon be the right doctor to address this or am I stuck with it?

I am a 62 yo female and for a few years now I have been troubled by a small pea shaped bulge in a vein about an inch from the corner of my left eye and sitting right on my... READ MORE

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Anyone had cheek implants in the Philippines?

After tons of research over several months I settled on cheek implants (sub malar) as being my procedure of choice to give lift and fullness to the mid face.  Then I... READ MORE

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I have had lower face lift, upper eyelids and brow lift in 2 procedures a year apart. Oh and fat injections on both occasions. Although I looked horrendous I truly truly was never in much pain. Nothing a moderate med couldn't deal... READ COMMENT

I think you will have an excellent result and wish you well. Just remember a few days post why you did this. That first week can be tough but it doesn't last long thankfully. READ COMMENT

The fat transfer was very successful. Dr Lorenzo told me that providing the amount of fat transferred doesn't exceed a certain limit (sorry can't remember now how much) the fat will survive. And two years later it is still there. It... READ COMMENT

I am in Australia too and I've had two visits to Dr Rino Lorenzo in Manila. I couldn't speak too highly of him. I think he has done a brilliant job on me. I did it in two stages: 2013 - lower face lift and fat transfer to cheek and... READ COMMENT

And no, it didn't hurt a lot but I did need headache meds for the first weak. The headache (not agonising, just persistent moderate headache) was the only pain I had. I forgot to mention the severe bruising I have may well be related... READ COMMENT