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Is there really a way to reduce excess soft tissue in the chin? Please help

Chin reduction via bone shaving left uneven bulky look from the front. A Maxiofacial doctor tried to tighten to give a v shape (yay!) Looked great, but over time, expanded,... READ MORE

Chin reduction resulted in uneven chin. Had custom made implant (very expensive), chin is still uneven. Can artefill fix this?

After a chin reduction, I had an implant put in to rebuild lost structure. Implant was custom made after xrays showed uneven bone, so it was built mm by mm to make it even.... READ MORE

Paranasal implant- very happy with the look it achieved but when I smile, the lip won't lift and it looks really bad.

Hi there, I had Paranasal implant 8 months ago and while I love the way it blended my Paranasal area, it has really changed my smile. I quite frankly can't smile. It lengthened... READ MORE

Scar revision under chin, doctor pulled back too tight, pain and lower lip now hangs

Hi, I would greatly appreciate help. I had a scar revision under my chin a year ago. The doctor removed scar tissue and pulled back to close the incision. I now have tightness... READ MORE