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Lipo on Tummy - Myrtle Beach, SC

I had lipo on my stomach area just last sting and numbness, how long does it last? I had a breast reduction done with it, the breasts feel long does the black/blue/swollen stomach last? I just feel so sore and swollen, I am sure this is normal after such a short time, but would like anyone else's comments. Thanks READ MORE

No Difference - North Myrtle Beach, SC

I had a breast reduction 2 weeks and 5 days ago, I am bigger than ever....I feel so disappointed, but my PS says this is normal swelling and it takes time. It seems most people that have posted on here see some sort of reduction after 2 weeks...I am so depressed about it,,,it is all I can think of and what I went through for this sort of a result....I see him again on tues, he keeps saying... READ MORE

Questions from catlaw7

Why do I Have Bigger Breasts After Reduction?

I had my reduction only 5 days ago, but I am bigger now than before I had this done. I know it has only been a short while, but I am so discouraged. Also, one breast larger... READ MORE

Do I Need To Drain This Fluid After Reduction?

Is there any way to get rid of the fluid quickly? I do not remotely look like I have had a breast reduction and I can hear the fluid gurgling around. Where does this fluid go?... READ MORE

Breast Reduction 1 Week 1 Day Post, Bigger Now Than Before Surgery?

It has been 1 week and 1 day since my breast reduction, I am still bigger now than when I went in for the surgery...I am so upset and discouraged I could scream.....will they... READ MORE

How Long Do Seromas Last?

I had breast reduction surgery 8 weeks ago and little has changed. I have complained to my PS that this is not the size I wanted to be. He said that the surgery he did was much... READ MORE

Six Months PO To See A Difference?

I had my BR on March 25th and very unhappy with my size. I was a very full DD, I am now a mid DD. I told him I wanted to be a mid C. He keeps telling me it will take six months... READ MORE

My DR Did Not Remove Enough Breast Tissue, Should He Provide Another BR?

My surgeon took out so little breast tissue, it hardly looks like I had anything done and am still wearing my old bra's....I am so disappointed and it has been 6 months. I told... READ MORE

Will liposuction be enough to removed unwanted breast tissue after previous breast reduction and weight gain?

I had a BR done 10 months ago, my PS did not take out enough tissue.....I am still bigger than I want to be...I got a great lift, but not much of a reduction...he has offered... READ MORE

1 month PO breast reduction. Redness and itchy around one nipple area, what is this?

I had a BR done last month, the left breast was larger, more was taken out but the nipple opened a few times and had to be sewn back. I do not have a nipple there, just an... READ MORE

Discussions started by catlaw7

I just had a breast reduction (5 days ago),

I just had a breast reduction and am bigger now than before the reduction, I look like Dolly Pardon if not worse.  I am so worried and upset that I went through this... READ MORE

Breast Reduction

I just had my reduction a little over a week ago and I am bigger than I was...I am so discourged and upset.  I know it takes time for the fluid and swelling to go down,... READ MORE

Fluid on ankles and legs

I just had my breast reduction 10 days ago and I see my PS on Wed....I just noticed again that my ankles and legs are still swollen with fluid, some days worse than others...... READ MORE

Stitches in nipple came apart for 2nd time

I had my br done 4 weeks and 3 days ago.  I still have tape of my left nipple and the Dr had to put in more stitches last week, but it has opened again.  My problem... READ MORE

Failed Reduction, not enough breast tissue taken

I had my reduction 5 months ago, I was a very large DD and wanted to go to a small mid C, I am still a large DD.  My PS said it takes 6 months, well, news for him, nothing... READ MORE

Breast reduction/Lipo suction

I had a BR done last March, the results were not good..My PS had offered to re-do, instead of going through the BR again he and I feel we can accomplish good results from lipo... READ MORE

My left nipple very itchy and red around never quite this ok?

My left breast was larger than right breast and more work done to it...the stitches on that nipple pulled apart twice and the nipple never came back.  At times it will... READ MORE

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What kind of a Dr injected Belotero? Was it painful and has it lasted? READ COMMENT

Have you had any luck helping with these bags? If so what? I am just starting to develop them and I HATE them....any good over the counter eye cream you could suggest? READ COMMENT

Not to old, I am 62 and had my BR done in March...Happy, Happy, just wish I had done it much sooner... READ COMMENT

I did not find either surgery that bad, I hated the thoughts of it again, but glad I did....did you tell your Dr what size you wanted to be and he just didn't take out enough tissue? It is so frustrating when that happens and I was... READ COMMENT

I am doing great now, its been nearly 9 weeks and happy with results , although I would not want to be any bigger, wonder if they will shrink anymore? Hope are you? READ COMMENT