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What to Expect 2 Weeks After Septorhinoplasty?

I'm a 20 year old male that just went for open septorhinoplasty with turbinate reduction about a week ago. My nose still feels very stuffy and blocked right now. Is this very... READ MORE

2 Weeks Post Septorhinoplasty - Haven't Been Able to Sleep Well Since?

I'm 20 year old male that just went for Septorhinoplasty with terbinate reduction about 2 weeks ago to improve breathing and fixing my little crooked nose. I couldn't sleep... READ MORE

Will I Ever Feel Normal After Septorhinoplasty?

Well I've been for a septorhinoplasty 2 weeks ago. I know it's still early but will I ever feel normal during the recovery period? I understand there will be swelling and... READ MORE

Is 2 Months Post-septorhinoplasty Enough to Recover and Feel Normal?

I had an open septorhinoplasty procedure close to 3 weeks ago and I was wondering whether 2 months is sufficient enough to recover and feel normal? I have a packed agenda in 2... READ MORE

When is It Appropriate to Say You've Recovered from Septorhinoplasty?

Aside from the swelling, when will it be appropriate to say you are recovered from septorhinoplasty and is fit to do all kinds of activities? I understand swelling may take up... READ MORE

Septorhinoplasty Swelling Will Persist to a Year?

I'm a 20 year old male close to 4th week post op now. My plastic surgeon mentioned he only shoved my upper bone and he didn't really touch much on my tip as he said it was weak... READ MORE

Feeling Groggy After Septorhinoplasty?

I'm a month post op septorhinoplasty and though I felt some swelling could have gone down but I believe the swelling is still as bad. Every time I head outdoors ill feel groggy... READ MORE

Septorhinoplasty Hardness and Discomfort After 7 Weeks?

I'm a 21 year old male that underwent Septorhinoplasty with turbinate reduction 7 weeks ago. I'm currently suffering from lots of discomfort, hardness especially the tip area... READ MORE

HELP: Can Vision Be Affected After Open Septorhinoplasty?

I just had open septorhinoplasty close to 2 months ago, ever since I felt sick about the pressure on the operated nose and my vision is somehow a lil affected especially under... READ MORE

Will my Nose Ever Feel the Same Like Pre-op Again?

About 2 months ago I underwent open septorhinoplasty with turbinates reduction. Since then I've been very worried about when will my nose ever feel the same like before the op... READ MORE

Significant Pressure on One Side of Nose?

I had open septorhinoplasty 2 months ago, till now whenever I tilt my head to the right, I can feel a very heavy pressure sensation from the left side of the nose. What is... READ MORE

Frustrated About Septorhinoplasty Recovery, What To Expect?

I had an open procedure 2 months ago and pretty much regretted it. One reason is recovery wasn't smooth. And the pre-op instructions weren't very clear. Blame myself for not... READ MORE

Nose Bridge Pressure?

I had an open septorhinoplasty 2 months ago and somewhere near the left middle bridge I can feel a heavy pressure when I tilt my head to the right I can also feel a lump down... READ MORE

Is Feeling Woody and Stuffy Normal?

I had septorhinoplasty 2 months ago I still feel woody and stuffy down near the tip area. I can also feel a lump like thingy on the sides bridge of the nose. Is this swelling?... READ MORE

Will I Be Able to Press my Nose Down Fully Again?

2 months after open septorhinoplasty my nose still feels very stiff, heavy and hard. Doesn't feels like a nose at all. I just want to know if my nose will ever feel like a... READ MORE

Feeling Off, and Developed Phobias of Going Outdoors 2 Months Post Septorhinoplasty?

Since 2 month ago after septorhinoplasty I've been feeling "off" and have developed several phobias like heading outdoors especially crowded places. I wonder if all these... READ MORE

Is Too Much Cartilage Added on the Tip Harmful?

I had septorhinoplasty close 3 months ago and was wondering if too much septal cartilage was removed to add on the tip is bad? Will the tip soften eventually even when a lot of... READ MORE

Pain in the Tip?

I had septal cartilage placed on the tip and its still pretty hard and stiff at almost 3 months. When I try pressing my tip it hurts a little. Is this Normal? READ MORE

Is This Saddle Nose Deformity? (photo)

I'm close to 3 months septorhinoplasty I've had septal grafting on the tip however my nasal bone seemed to have grown a lot bigger. When the cast first came off I liked my... READ MORE

Facial Pressure? 3 Months Post Septorhinoplasty and Feel Pressure All Over My Face?

First my vision is blurry and I don't feel right on my face at all. CT scan shows normal and everything else. Need help. It's been 3 months and I don't feel like doing anything. READ MORE

Is the Septum Supposed to Look Red?

I looked into my septum and it looked reddish and pinkish at the back. Just wondering if this is normal? For the septum to look bloody though there's no discharge. It's been... READ MORE

What is this one year after rhinoplasty?

Horrible hump appeared after a year of my rhinoplasty procedure. Wasn't this way even before surgery. HELP!! I HATE THIS and it's really looking and feeling awful! READ MORE

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Hi, I have this issue as well! Some kind of "plastic" like thingy sticking inside the nostril - when I blow it "pops up" then goes back down. Tried removing it I thought it was some rubbish down there but no it's still there. I'll have... READ COMMENT

Had mine on 20th March. Nose feels stuffy and swollen. Very much stiff too. Hoping to get better each day. READ COMMENT