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Breast Reduction

My Large breast or breast Hypertrophy is causing me functional problems such as; chronic back, neck and shoulder pain with shoulder grooving. I am 33yrs old, my height is 5ft4in, my weight is 130lbs, my BMI is 22.3 normal, my body surface area is 1.6431m2, and my current bra size is 34DDD/F, which is top heavy for my small body frame. Living with breast Hypertrophy makes it difficult for me to... READ MORE

Questions from smaller34

During a Breast Reduction Have You Ever Reduced a Patients Breast to a Small B?

Im a healthy 33yr old who is 5ft,4in. Before my 2nd child, in my 20's, I was more active at 105-110lbs, but now I'm a stayhome mom, at 120-125lbs with 32-34DDD/F bra size. I... READ MORE

I'm 34ddd How Many Grams Would I Need Removed to Be a 34b? (photo)

I'm 33yrs old, my height is 5'4, I weigh 135lbs. I have a small frame, My BMI is 23.2 normal, my body surface area is 1.6698 m2, Schnur scale says body surface area of 1.65 =... READ MORE

Why Do I Have to Wait for a Dictation Before my Surgeons Office Can Fax my Courtesy Review to my Insurance Company?

I had my consultation with my surgeon for breast reduction surgery on 8/14/13. Its 8/23/13, I just called his office to see if they have faxed my medical records with my... READ MORE

What Can Be Done About Nipples Placed Too Far Apart? (photo)

I had a breast reduction September 20th, 2013. Now that my breast are healing, I noticed my nipples seem too far apart. They are about 24centimeters apart. Not only do my... READ MORE

My Breast Reduction Left my Nipples Placed Too Far Apart Can Anything Be Done? (photo)

My breast reduction took me from a 34DDD to a 34B. I'm happy with the size of my new breast, but my nipples look strange from a front view. My nipples measure 24 centimeters... READ MORE

Would you consider the position of my nipples/areola's to be in the middle of my breast mound or laterally positioned? (photo)

Are my nipples properly centered on the breast mound, or are they too laterally positioned? If so, what kind of revision could be done too more center the nipples/areola's... READ MORE

After having a breast reduction, my breast seem wide and flat shape is that normal?

I'm 5ft 4in 125lbs. My chest wall above my breast and around measures 79cm (31.10in), around the fullest part of my breast with a thin bra on measures 84cm (33.7in), and around... READ MORE

My BWD is 13cm and my breast project off the chest wall 5cm, can I reduce my BWD with liposuction?

My chest measurement around and under my breast is 76cm. I am 64in tall and weigh 125lbs. My BWD is 13cm and my breast project 5cm off my chest wall. I can't fit into store... READ MORE

If the Equilateral triangle is the aesthetic location of the Nipple during a Breast Reduction did my PS make a mistake? (photo)

I am 64in tall & 125lbs. My Sternal Notch to my Left nipple is 21cm & to my Right it is 21cm. But my Right nipple to my left is 24cm, that's not an Equilateral Triangle... READ MORE

How important is the Mid Sternal line when determining the new location of the NAC before preforming a Breast Reduction? (photo)

My Plastic Surgeon told me the Mid Sternal line is not important when determining the new location of the NAC, is that true? Is that common practice? Why is the Mid Sternal... READ MORE

I had Inferior Pedicle Wise Pattern Breast Reduction? (photo)

Were my nipples to lateral to be brought in closer to my Mid Sternal line? Using Wise Pattern, would it have been to hard to position the new location of my NAC 1-2cm closer to... READ MORE

After my Breast Reduction I now have uneven cleavage, can it be fixed? (photo)

I had a breast reduction a few months back, and my Board Certified plastic surgeon said he couldn't fix my cleavage, and that I would have to see someone else. My cleavage is... READ MORE

Why do you mark the patient standing up prior to Breast Reduction Surgery?

Why do you mark the patient standing up instead of laying down, prior to Inferior Pedicle Wise Pattern Breast Reduction Mammoplasty? Does it matter whether your laying on your... READ MORE

Is Electro-Cautery common place in Breast Reduction Mammoplasty, and can it cause damage to Breast tissue?

Is Electro-Cautery a common tool in Breast Reduction Mammoplasty? Can it cause damage to breast tissue such as; Burns, Skin & Fat necrosis, Scars in the Upper and Inner & Outer... READ MORE

When does your surgeon locate the new position of the NAC? Before or during your Breast Reduction?

Do surgeons locate the new position of the NAC before surgery or during breast reduction surgery? When preforming a wise pattern inferior pedicle breast reduction in general,... READ MORE

Is it acceptable to have asymmetry 6 months after breast reduction?

When preforming a breast reduction, how much asymmetry is acceptable and considered minor? When does it become a more severe degree of asymmetry that you consider unacceptable?... READ MORE

How often do Breast Reduction Patients get Fat Necrosis?

One of the Risk's and Complication's to having a Breast Reduction is Fat Necrosis. How Rare does it occur Away from the Incision lines on Other Parts of the Breast? And How can... READ MORE

Did these abnormal test results cause problems for Breast Reduction Surgery or Recovery? (Photo)

My CBC was Abnormal. My RBC=4.07 Low, MCH=32.2 High, MPV=9.9 High. My BMP was also Abnormal. My Creatinine=0.6 Low, B/C ratio=27 High. I've tested positive for Anemia in the... READ MORE

When preforming a Breast Reduction is there ever a risk of resecting too much tissue?

What are the complications of resecting to much tissue? Is this very common in Breast Reductions and how easy is resecting too much tissue to fix? READ MORE

When preforming a Breast Reduction is the existing nipple the best point of reference when locating the Breast Meridian?

If my nipples aren't in the middle of my breast to start with, would my nipples be the best point of reference when locating the breast meridian? Would the Mid clavicular line... READ MORE

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Is it me or does it seem like PS never wanna give reductions down to Bcups?

I read story after story of women who want to be a Bcup, and no matter what their size small frame or large, it seems like Plastic Surgeons never want to take a women down to a... READ MORE

How do you know what size support Bra to buy after surgery?

I've heard that I should have an extra button down/zip up the front support bra, to wear while I'm cleaning the one I got from the hospital after surgery. But I have no idea... READ MORE

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