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getting my ladies done-ba with salama - Miami, FL

Hey babes So its been six months since my BBL. I LOVE MY RESULTS BTW! And now I need more. Sooo. I will be gettin my boobs lifted and implants with salama some time this yr. Im calling Monday for the date n pricing im guessing somewhere around 3500. I want saline. I really want around a DD because I am six feet tall so I think it will look great on me. Right now im like a B small B. Im... READ MORE

OMG Just Talked to NANCY! Andddd They Raised the Prices Again!! :/ - Aventura, FL

Omg I just talked to nancy!! she seems super cool! They raised the prices of the BBL it was 8499.00 but now its 9100... :( that sucks!! They said i have to loose 25 lbs which is easy i just need a month for that, they arent bookiing until March 2014!!! Which is soooo long away... :((( I need to book my vacacation off of work and get that approved... Then pick my day and pay the deposit. I... READ MORE

6 weeks ---post op--salama

Hey Ladies, I emailed Dr salamas assist. Nancy she is super nice!! She gave me a few instructions as to what I should do before hand. She said the price is 8499.00 seems more them some, wonder why... N e who I am willing to pay that!! So excited to announce I am getting a BBL this year!! Any tips? or things I should bring? Thank you guys for all the support! Please hurry jan... READ MORE

Questions from MissezDollFace_xoxo

Sinusitis and Brazilian Butt Lift?

Hello Docs: I know its not ideal to get a cosmetic surgery with a persisting infection of any kind but I thought I could get rid of it before my surgery which is in 5 months. I... READ MORE

I'm 225lbs and 6' tall - should I have good results without weight loss?

I am booked for a BBL in January 2014 I've been working with a trainer for 4 months and I am not loosing weight I have gained a lot of muscle and my body fat percentage went... READ MORE

Am I way to fat for BBL? Is my butt to short for a large amount of CC's? (photo)

I am 6 feet and 225 lbs I want 1500 ccs I am going for BBL in 29 days Do you think I am too fat? Is my butt too short for that many cc's? I am very healthy and workout 5x a... READ MORE

Dull aching pain in leg after BBL, what could this be?

I had a BBL 7 days ago. I am in Miami for 4 more days and I am from Canada. I go see PS tomorrow but I was wondering if you could shed some light in what this could be. It... READ MORE

Small cut in side of nipple is burning. Do my boobs look messed up? Left one hanging lower. Breast lift only to right. (Photo)

Hi i am having burning to a small cut on my right breast. What should I do? Also will my breast even out more once healed? READ MORE

How to obtain these lips? Can I get lip injections with a permalip implant in? (photo)

Hi i had permalip put in 10 months ago. The result are way too subtle. I wanted huge lips after which i did not receive. ( wasted my money). How would i change my lips to look... READ MORE

2 1/2 week post op Breast lift w/ implant. How do I treat this open wound? Should I remove steri strips? (photos)

Hi i live in canada & my surgent is in Miami. Its quite hard to get a hold of them. Does this cut look ok? Should I remove the steri strips? How should I treat this wound? Thanks READ MORE

Is this wound healing. Or getting worse? Breast lift only to right breast with implants. (photos)

Hi had a small wound under my breast where the T junction is. It was small but bow its red and stings. Im washing it with antibacterial soap twice a day and dressing it with... READ MORE

Can I get juvederm over my permalip?

Hi i have small lips even with the medium permalip. Can i get injectabs over the implants? Thanks READ MORE

Correcting a slight underbite with veneers? (Photo)

I have had upper and lower jaw surgery & braces costing over $11,000. However my teeth shifted a little and I can not afford jaw surgery again. Can I fix this with veneers? READ MORE

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Good the plane was empty so I got a whole row! Laid on my tummy and took 2 percs passed out lol READ COMMENT

Thanks I will definitely post pics!! Going sometime in Sept READ COMMENT

Haha yes girl gotta get the ladies done!! :D HEHE READ COMMENT

Thanx baeee READ COMMENT

U have great projection!! love it I had really tight ass skin so it was hard to pop it out so much! xo READ COMMENT