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Non Surgical Nose - from a Lifer- Must Be Maintained 2x Year. Costs $$$ - Los Angeles, CA

My Total cost reflects the amount I have spent so far in maintaining the non-surgical nose look for nearly 5 years. THE INITIAL PROCEDURE (done in 2011) It started out as a great non surgical alternative. It came out amazing. I was very happy with the initial effect. The Doctor used Radiesse, telling me it would last the longest. And it especially works well for raising the tip. Over the next... READ MORE

Questions from juttingjute

Can 5-FU Dissolve Radiesse Generated Volume from Years Ago?

Have heard good things about 5-FU for dissolving scar tissue which could be applied to Radiesse related volume, which seems like it's scar tissue (They call it Collagen).... READ MORE

Can Someone Intentionally Chew Gum To Increase The Size, Girth, and Squareness Of Their Jaw Angle?

Many people get BOTOX injected into their Jaw Angle to narrow a wide jaw appearance, or even reduce the harshness / squareness of their jaw angle, by relaxing the masseter m.... READ MORE

Won't Facial Movement & Normal Aging Compromise Radiesse?

Seems Like Radiesse is the Filler of Choice for Augmenting the Jaw Angle but Won't Facial Movement & Normal Aging Compromise It? People like Radiesse cause it's... READ MORE

How Many Syringes of Radiesse for Jaw Angle Needed Would Vary Based on Starting Point?

Doctors on this forum such as Dr. Francis Palmer said that in his practice, a male needs 3 syringes of Radiesse for jaw angle "flare out" or augmentation. Wouldn't the amount... READ MORE

Can the use of injectable filler such as Radiesse in a "Non-Surgical Nose Job" lessen a hump from the front view of the nose?

It seems that Radiesse can dramatically straighten the profile or side view of the nose, but I have yet to see any change upon the front view of the nose in those who have had... READ MORE

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You bet! I hadn't seen many long term reviews on non-surgical nose, so thought it was time! Cheers! READ COMMENT

It definitely has positives. A few good friends, who have all had surgery, all have eventually getting some filler in their nose, to "fine-tune" things. Juvederm, when injected into the nose, according to some Doctors on here,may... READ COMMENT

I attempted to make an appointment at his office, and the girl said he did not even do this procedure. She also said he would not respond to email. She was unhelpful, impolite, and quite disrespectful. I was quite shocked. He even has... READ COMMENT

Gonna go today and have Hyaluronidase injected into cheek area where ai thought volume was due to Radiesse, or even previous Juvederm or Restylane. If its an HA filler from years ago, it would work. If it's scar tissue from Radiesse,... READ COMMENT

If ai recall it was a very small amount. Tried Juvederm as a test drive, then a year later did a small amount on the wide part of the cheek bone - about 1/4 a syringe on each side. Maybe as much as 1/2 on each. It just took a little. READ COMMENT