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How Long Will It Take for my Front Teeth Get Straight and Stop Overlapping Eachother? - Allison Park, PA

I got braces yesterday and I can barley close my mouth, even without braces I had trouble closing my mouth too. I am 18 and very insecure about my teeth, now that I have braces I cannot wait to finally be able to properly close my mouth, I know it'll take 2 years to get them straight, I just want to know around how long it'll take for my front teeth to get straighter and when will they stop... READ MORE

I Hate my Nose Need a Nose Job Unsure of What I Need to Get Done - New Philadelphia, PA

I've hated my nose for the longest, and now that I'm 18 I want to get a nose job. I don't know whether or not its going to end up looking small like how micheal Jackson's nose was. I want it to look as natural as possible, but because my nose is really wonky will it end up being dramatically unnatural looking? When ever I smile my nose looks like a pointed down arrow and both of the aides are... READ MORE

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Want to Get my Nipples Fixed?

I don't know what is wrong with my nipples I am 18 years old & flat chested, my nipples were never normal, they only protrude when stimulated or whenever they want to most... READ MORE

My Areola Sort of Spreaded and I Want to Know if I Can Bleach It or What Can I Do to Fix This?

I am 18 my areola color looks like it's spreading and it looks terrible even when my nipples are aroused it doesn't look puffy but my areola color is still blotchy i am also... READ MORE

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