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How Soon After Massaging Restylane is It Ok to Have It Injected Again?

I had Restylane injected a week ago into my cheeks, but one of them got bumpy and uneven (like a ball with quite defined borders). Unfortunately I had listened to some... READ MORE

Is It Ok to Inject a Double Amount of Filler into the Lips at a Time?

I have had my lips enlarged twice within 1 month, because only after the second injection I was happy with the fullness/size of my lips. (1 ml Restylane was injected into both... READ MORE

Is It Ok to Sleep on the Side with the Cheek Pressed Against Pillow/arm After Restylane Injection?

Since I can't fall alseep in any other position than on my side/stomack I have slept with my cheeks pressed against my pillow or even arm after Restylane injection in my cheeks... READ MORE

Sauna/swimming pool after Silhouette soft lift on eyebrows?

When is it ok to visit sauna or swimming pool after Silhouette soft lift procedure on my eyebrows (absorbable threads were inserted)? The tape was removed on the 3rd day. READ MORE