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Male, Jaw/chin/cheek Bones. What is Wrong with It and (How) Can Facial Surgery Fix It? (photo)

Hey, I'm a 20 year old male and I have a really odd jaw / chin / cheek structure in my opinion. It SEVERELY limits my attractiveness. I feel very uncomfortable with it. I have... READ MORE

How Can Surgery Improve my Facial Aesthetics? (photo)

Hi I'm currently only researching these procedures. It is impossible to build up any confidence when you are not in concord with your looks. I have asymmetric features, I can't... READ MORE

Am I a good candidate for bimaxillary jaw surgery?

Hello. Thanks for taking the time to read my question. I feel that I have a very weak chin, jaw bonestructure and I'm not very comfortable with it. I feel that both my upper... READ MORE

Long face and long lower third due to Philtrum, what are my options?

Hi. My face looks oblong and off due to bad ratios. My lower third is deviated from any aesthetic appeal. Philtrum way too long (22mm+). Upper lip small and convex. No gummy... READ MORE