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Hi Pineapple, I have been using Latisse for 10 weeks now(started June 10, 2009). During the first 3 weeks of use, my eyelashes did fall out. I remember I lost like 15 in one day. Then about 5-7 on another day. Then no shredding for a... READ COMMENT

Hi Enuff, Are you saying that the new eyelashes that grew in your bald patch, are now falling out? Camry2007 READ COMMENT

Sure will do that Sharon. I have noticed that my eyelashes in the corners of my eyes(top) are alittle longer. Yesterday which was 12 days since I started Latisse, I did notice a few little eyelash buds if you want to call them that, are... READ COMMENT

Hi Beans, I just started using Latisse 12 days ago(started June 10, 2009) and have been losing lashes alittle more than usual. I am glad to hear that you stuck with it and are happy with your results. Thank you for the encouragement by... READ COMMENT

Hi I just started using Latisse on June 10, 2009 (11 days ago)and I am noticing that I am losing/shedding more eyelashes than usual especially on my lower eyelid lashes. Yesterday I lost 2 eyelashes on my left eye and today on my left... READ COMMENT