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Round 2!

To first read part 1 of my BBL journey, please click here.I have to be honest: This surgery has changed my life.Prior to my initial BBL surgery on May 7, 2012, the best way to describe my appearance was "cute." I just wasn't the girl that people stare at when I'm crossing the street. I never thought anyone would consider me attractive based on my body. My tummy has always been big, even when... READ MORE

Round 1! (Updated with 1 year 7 month Pictures)

I've been struggling with my weight and size forever. I was with someone who made me feel so low and disgusting because of my weight. I've left him and I've lost about 40 pounds and would like to redirect resistant fat to my behind. Also, growing up, I had malaria a lot and my butt lost quite a bit of volume at injection sites. My butt is hollow in certain areas, so I'd like to get that... READ MORE

Questions from BBLDollie

I'm Having BBL Surgery on May 7. Should I Keep Working out Until Surgery? (photo)

I tend to lose weight/gain pretty quickly, but my threshold for this loss/gain is about 20 pounds. I am 5'2 and 137 lbs. Most of my weight is around my abdomen and back (but... READ MORE

If Three Months After my BBL, I Feel Unhappy with my Results, What Should I Do? What Will You Do?

A number of BBL surgery candidates seem to end up unhappy with their results. As a surgeon, what do you recommend a BBL patient do after surgery (after waiting at least three... READ MORE

Post-Op Loopiness and Inability to Rest. (photos)

I'm 5 days post-op after my round 2 BBL, and I love my results! My only qualms relate to post-op side effects, both in this round and the first round, I've experienced... READ MORE

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How are you preparing for your BBL? Dieting? Working out? Buying supplies? Let's share!

My BBL is in less than 30 days (May 7) and I'm trying to prepare myself for the journey by.... Well I'm supposed to be eating as much fresh food as possible (i.e. made in my... READ MORE

Jewelry, Piercings and BBL - Do I Have to Remove Them?

Do I have to take all of my piercings out including my belly ring? I'm scared it'll close up during the healing process as it's only 1 year old! READ MORE

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All that you're describing sounds like normal swelling to me. You'll feel like you're carrying a water balloon around in your lower abdomen when you have aggressive lipo. Any questions about your progress should be directed to Dr. S --... READ COMMENT

Haha yes m'am! READ COMMENT

How did surgery go?!?!? I'm so curious since you were so nervous - I'm sure it went well and that you got the result you wanted. xoxo READ COMMENT

I work out for at least 30 minutes each day. I workout for about 1 hr 3 times a week - I honestly haven't felt better in my life and I don't plan to stop. Food is another thing though... The summer always has me reaching for ice cream... READ COMMENT

Thank you hun - it took time to get to this point but I have no regrets now 1.5 years later lol READ COMMENT