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I Had Botox for Synkinesis in my Face and Now my Smile is Crooked. How Can This Be Corrected?

I had 7 units of botox injected into left cheek muscles for synkinesis. Every time i blink my cheek muscles flex. It corrected the problem but left my smile crooked. Had a... READ MORE

Mild Facial Synkinesis?

I have mild synkinesis..ever time my left eye blinks my cheek muscle flexes. I have never had bells palsy. This just started happening a couple years ago. Had it treated with... READ MORE

I had botox for mild hemifacial spasm. Can this cause upper eyelid drooping and dry eyes (photos)

Never had bells palsy. Had MRI with and without contrast with no difinative cause. Just went to a new neurologist and he injected botox into the lower eye on left side and left... READ MORE

Hemifacial spasm vs ? (Photo)

I've been diagnosed with hemifacial spasm however only my cheek muscle flexes when I blink. I've been treated with botox but doesn't last long and I am starting to notice the... READ MORE