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Doctor Review

Great experience with arm lift

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Arm Lift

21 Mar 2017, Created 6 months ago

Colette Stern, MD

5 out of 5 stars

Went I went to see Dr. Stern I was interested in a thigh, arm, and tummy lift. I felt that she was very honest about what is best for my at this point in my life. She advised waiting on a tummy tuck until after I have kids. She also advised seeing how much I could tone up my thighs with exercise/weight training. She told me she did not think I would get the results I wanted in my arms from... READ MORE

Treatment Review

31 year old brachioplasty after weight loss

Arm Lift

21 Mar 2017, Updated 5 months ago

Im one month out today. My left arm is healing nicely, but my right is giving me some trouble. Continue to have a seroma that's being stubborn, some skin that's puckering around this area, and I have 2 sores that are having some trouble healing. I'm hoping this will all correct itself with time. READ MORE

So Excited to Start This New Chapter! - Johnson City, TN

Hey everyone! I am having lipo done on my abdomen, back, and arms. My surgery is scheduled for tomorrow and I'm stressing out about whether I have everything I need. I recently moved to a new state and, while I've made some new friends, I don't have the same support as back home. Fortunately my mom is able to spend the first couple of days with me! I am having lipo done because I want my... READ MORE

Questions from Ginlikethedrink

I'm Concerned Arm is Infected After Removal of Stitches? (photo)

I had lipo of arms, stomach, back on 3/25. I didn't think stitches on right arm were done properly bc it was much looser/placed on edge. They were removed yesterday. Now all... READ MORE

Will Beer Cause Me to Swell More?

Hey all, I had lipo of abdomen 12 days ago. This upcoming Thursday (16 days post op) I'm going to a concert in Asheville and am wondering what will happen if I drink beer. I'm... READ MORE

Are my Lipo Results Typical? (photo)

I had lipo almost 3 1/2 months ago on my arms back and stomach. I'm feeling pretty good about my arms and back, but I'm disappointed with the progress of my stomach. My doctor... READ MORE

Lower tummy bigger after lipo

Hi, I had lipo 9 months ago on my stomach. The upper part looks good but the bottom is actually bigger than before the surgery. It feels really weird, almost like a water... READ MORE

What's going on with the skin around my scar? (Photo)

Hello. I had brachioplasty 4 weeks ago today. I have a stubborn seroma that I've had drained 4 times now. I can't keep missing work to go get it drained. Should I just lay low... READ MORE

Recent comments from Ginlikethedrink

The seedling went down by Tuesday night. I had a couple friends come over and they made a gourmet pizza and we watched a movie together, so that was fun. That night, around an hour after taking the antibiotic, I was itching intensely... READ COMMENT

I'm happy overall. I did wear compression garments READ COMMENT

From looking at your pics it looks like u have same issue as me! Where the top part right above belly button puckers. That's what he fixed this time... Wouldn't touch lower stomach unless I do tuck. I'm honesty not sure how many cc's... READ COMMENT

My back folds have also returned (not as bad as before but not as good as a couple months in) and it seems like it's skin for me. However, the overall shape for me is much better so I'm not going to worry about it right now. If it is... READ COMMENT

Thanks hun! My lower stomach is still puffy and it's been 2 months since surgery. But I was able to begin seeing a difference after about 3 weeks :) READ COMMENT