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I have been Salamified!!

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Brazilian Butt Lift

16 Apr 2017, Created 2 months ago

Moises Salama, MD

5 out of 5 stars

From the first phone call to the day off my procedure my experience has been amazing. I can tell that Dr.Salama surrounds himself with nothing but the best because he cares about his clients. I met with Dr Salama to get a BBL, breast aug and lift while adding chin and arms. When I consulted with Dr. Salama he told me he may not be able to add the arms but suggested other areas he felt would... READ MORE

Story Update

45 Dr. Salama Bbl, Breast Aug and lift !

Brazilian Butt Lift Revision

25 Mar 2017, Updated 1 month ago

Today if my 3 weeks update. But feel so much better since my deep tissue massage yesterday. My stomach is still very very sore. I added a couple of pictures from the recovery home READ MORE

VI PEEL with Booster for Melasma Mixed Race (Short Review) - Pascagoula, MS

I wanted to write a really short review to maybe help someone decide if somebody with Melasma wanted to try this procedure. I wanted to share the OUTCOME but not go into very many details. I have Melasma really bad since I moved to the South. I always had light freckles now I have dark ugly brown splotches spreading on my face. I am 42 years old. I have tried Obagi with no results. I have... READ MORE

Don't Believe the Hype - Ocean Springs, MS

Believe me this is not lunch break procedure. I had my neck done( $1400) and lower face done ($1200). I am 42 with a double chin and have always had heavy cheeks. I was hoping to achieve a more toned look I wanted to get a lift since I recently noticed sagging and wanted to try something that's seemed discreet without any down time. I wasn't worrying about bruising since I am mixed race... READ MORE

Questions from Tiandra

What would be the best recommendation to enhance my jaw line and get a more defined youthful look? (Photos)

Also I was wanting to get lipo with bbl and breast implants not for a bigger size but for more lift. Is it possible to get all 3 procedures at once by one doctor or do I need... READ MORE

Recent comments from Tiandra

You must work for Jimmerson. I had a tummy tuck and I can see the scars and incision sites on her. Even if she laid on her back it wouldn't matter. It shouldn't of came out like that READ COMMENT

I mean I had always wanted READ COMMENT

Robbed don't give up. I had a Bbl that didn't look like anything. My tummy tuck was done at the same time. They can only take so much fat out when they do a tuck. I just visited Dr. Salama and he gave me the butt he I always wanted. READ COMMENT

Hey Booty, After 3 days at the recovery home you should be OK on your own without a nurse. The good thing about the recovery home is that you have all your meals and transportation taken care off. You have access to a nurse at all... READ COMMENT

Great idea! How is the recovery? Is it very hard. I recently had a bbl 6 weeks ago with Salama. The recovery for that was pretty rough READ COMMENT