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I guess Rejuvi is used as a model to show how tattoo vanish works. He says it's the same "method", although they may be different procedures. READ COMMENT

You are rude. I asked the same question when I went to get the procedure done when he handed me a rejuvi pamphlet. This is what I was told from the guy who does the procedure. I think he knows more than you. :) READ COMMENT

Oh and Kim's studio in Tallahassee, FL. did it! READ COMMENT

Rejuvi is the method of applying a salt and having the scab at the surface of your skin. Tattoo vanish is the salt that is used for rejuvi. In reply to your post below, you really should do one more laser treatment and see how it goes.... READ COMMENT

I've done three treatments using this method,and it does NOT work! I started in March, did three treatments and saw barely any fading. They say the scab with the ink in it is supposed to stay on for 2 weeks, but on me, it stayed on for... READ COMMENT