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Conventional Braces to Correct Crowding, 50% Deep/overbite, Misalignment, Narrow Palate, and TMJ Disorder in 21 Year Old - Salem

Background: I am a 21 year old female and was told around 10 years of age that I needed braces to correct a 100% overbite and crowding. My parents couldn't afford to have the procedure done, so I'm having the treatment done now. I began treatment on October 30, 2013 for the following issues: 1. My deep/overbite partially corrected itself with age, but it is still 50% 2. Moderate crowding in... READ MORE

Waist, Hips, and Inner Thighs! - Portland, OR

Since it's my first time on here I'll give you a quick description of myself and my situation. I'm a 21 year old college student, 5'6" and fluctuate between 133-136 lbs. I lost 30 lbs after high school, but still can't seem to get rid of my stubborn flanks and chunky thighs. I still work out 5 days/week, 45-60 minutes/day (my cardio is mostly running and elliptical) I log all my meals and... READ MORE

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Is It Okay to Get Laser Lipo With Von Willebrand Disease?

I'm 21 years old. My mother has Von Willebrand disease, and I am being tested for it soon. I'm hoping to get laser liposuction this year, but if I have VWD is it still safe to... READ MORE

Will Liposuction on my Thighs or Knees Help Them Look Less Crooked? (photo)

I'm a 21 year old female, 5'5", and 135 lbs. My legs have always had a little bit of a "knock knee" look even after losing 30 pounds. Would liposuction on my thighs or knees... READ MORE

Is It Normal for Laser Lipo to Affect Your Menstrual Cycle?

I'm 21 years old and had laser liposuction 2 weeks ago and since then my period came 2 days early, extremely light (mostly spotting) and only lasted about 2 1/2 days. Is this... READ MORE

Can Cheekbone Structure Cause TMJ Disorder?

Do I have low or high cheekbones? Could the placement of my cheekbone be a reason why I have TMJ disorder? READ MORE

Is Tooth Extraction And Conventional Braces The Best Route For This Problem?

Just looking for some other opinions and I have pictures below. I have a narrow upper palate, a lot of crowding, and an overbite. My orthodontist suggested braces with the... READ MORE

How likely is it that a lower incisor with a short root will fall out with the pressure from braces? (Picture included)

I had gingivitis growing up but I've worked hard to get my gums in better health. I just got conventional brace 4 days ago. One of my crowded bottom teeth feels very loose and... READ MORE

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By 2 months I was very satisfied with my results and was pretty much completely healed up. I'm sorry you're not happy with your results yet and I hope you get some more results soon! READ COMMENT

Oh and just wanted to add, I weigh no less now (over a year later) and I'm still smaller. READ COMMENT

I lost 1 inch on each thigh, 3.5 inches on my hips (love handles) and 1.5 inches on my waist. I was already exercising the same amount for 2-3 years before having the procedure so I know that these inches were from the lipo exclusively.... READ COMMENT

Power chains are the continuous rubber bands that go all the way your teeth laterally instead of having an individual rubber band on each bracket. They are used to close any gaps you might have between your teeth, and especially from... READ COMMENT