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More on loosening - Fort Lauderdale, FL

I've wanted this ever since I started gaining weight 12 years ago. Well, after two years of working hard, 6-7 days a week in the gym, I lost100 lbs and got my body fat to 20%. As most who are getting this procedure or who are considering it, you know all the exercise in the world won;t get rid of that hanging skins so here we go! I am excited but nervous. I have heard all the horror stories... READ MORE

Not Sure Yet - Cooper City, FL

Had my first treatment yesterday. I did smell the burning skin that everyone complains about (it's actually the little hairs being singed). It did sting but quite tolerable with the numbing cream applied 1 hour prior. Felt like a bad sunburn for about 3 hours then didn't feel anything at all. Almost went to the gym but after looking at it thought better due to the burned... READ MORE

Zingers Yes, but Worth It - Fort Lauderdale, FL

No one warned me about the "zingers" so I was out shopping after the procedure when one of those zingers nearly brought me to my knees. That said, I went home, took some ibuprofen an dit was over within 4 hours. I quit smoking andmy teeth were yellow so I thought I'd treat myself. The trays are just gross as are the strips, and time consuming. Would do it again. It was a... READ MORE

Money Well Spent - Crow's Feet and Fine Lines

Now this was worth it! I had just my eyes done (crow's feet and underneath) because my forehead has very faint lines and I have no 11 or 1.At 3 days I am already starting to see results. I'm hooked and I only expect it to get better. I had my first treatment in July 09 for crow's feet and LOVED it! After 2 weeks, I went back for a check and my doc decided to inject 4 more... READ MORE

Restylane Not So Great for Smile Lines (47 Y/o)

I am 47 and I've been thinking about this for a couple of years. I visted one Dermatologist who prefers Radiesse and told me that to just inject the NL folds or smiles lines without addressing some of the fat loss in cheeks, tends to drag down the mouth more. I thought that was a line and a ploy to suck mre $$ out of me.I then went to a well known Cosmetic Surgeon. He was offering $200 off all... READ MORE

Questions from msrubi

Almost 1 Year Post Op Tummy Tuck and Weight Gain Question?

Had TT 10/2012, little lipo in front. Had back surgery 3/13 due to ruptured disc. Leading up to surgery I was totally incapacitated, no gym. Diet horrible 'cause I couldn't... READ MORE

Recent comments from msrubi

Update-up TWO sizes now. Still weighing in at 149-152 (was 145 pre-op) but BF is OBVIOUSLY higher. I now have deifnite fat flanks which I did inot have pre-op and why he didn't lipo there, because there wasn't anything. I am in the gym... READ COMMENT

7 mos post-op. Had the 6 mos visit last week. He was a little put out I think because i gained some weight. I explained about the back surgery and that the weeks leading up to it I was basically flat on it and not cooking, eating right... READ COMMENT

S1 is nothing to play with. Mine was L4 and L5. PT and rest weren't helping; actually was getting worse until I had no feeling in my left leg from knee down. The nerve was being so compressed and they feared without surgery it would do... READ COMMENT

Thanks Metal Momma-Yes I guess the heavy stuff is done but it really IS what made the difference in body composition. It sux. I am rethinking everything while I am impatiently waiting to heal-lol. I will come up with a plan that I can... READ COMMENT

I talked about the poochy back in early Dec. He said it was normal, especially if there wasn't extensive lifting beyond the TT. I still have no regrets and love my results but I ended up screwing up my back at the gym, I think, and... READ COMMENT