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Invisaline to Correct an Edge to Edge Bite - Leicester, GB

Hi everyone I 38yrs old and have finally decided to do something about my bite. I basically have one back tooth that meets and one front tooth that meets the rest never touch, this means I do all my chewing on my left side and because of that I have many fillings, root fillings and a crown as the poor left side takes all the load. I don't believe I started out with this bite, yes my lower... READ MORE

Two Years post surgery & so happy!! - United Kingdom, GB

Hi everyone, what a fab site! It is so good to read other people's experience of Rhinoplasty! I am from the UK and am scheduled to have surgery to take the hump from my nose on Thurs 28th March 2013!! I used to have a nice nose but then in my teens it grew and developed a large bump! Some describe it as regal I say it's horrible! The only people who have teased me about my nose would be... READ MORE

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Your new nose is looking good! I didn't think your old now was all that bad but it is certainly an improvement! You must be delighted! :) xx READ COMMENT

Hi there I hope you are feeling not too sore after your op! I bet you feel elated that it is all over now! I was the same as you in that I didn't get much swelling or bruising and didn't need to take pain killers. I found sleeping... READ COMMENT

Hi there I had my surgery two years ago now! My little brothers used to say I looked like a witch! LOL! Lovely! Anyway for me surgery was fine though I did wake up with a banging headache but I think that was because I hadn't eaten... READ COMMENT

Hi there you look amazing! I can see why your smiling...because your so happy now! My nose was similar to yours before I had my operation and I am so happy I plucked up the courage! Well your certainly going to have some beautiful... READ COMMENT

Hi there! I hope it all goes well for you in Poland. Personally I wouldn't have an op abroad due to after care but if you have done your research and you feel 100% confident in your surgeon then I wish you well! I look forward to... READ COMMENT