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Questions from 25Nickels

Can This Bump on my Forehead Be Removed?

I have a bump on my forehead made of bone. It is right next to my hairline in the middle on my forehead. Can surgery help me out here? Also, will I have a scar? READ MORE

Is Total Cheekbone Reconstruction Possible?

What are the current limitations to such a procedure? I'm asking because I wish to change my high and prominent cheekbones to lower and less prominent ones. I understand that... READ MORE

Can a Surgeon Change the Shape of my Orbit?

I understand the small risks of nerve damage and/or even blindness. Also, changing the upper part of the orbit must be a really complex surgery as it serves as the supporting... READ MORE

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Woah, if I didn't know you has this surgery, I'd definitely think you're a chick, lol. What impressive results. READ COMMENT