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I Have Bubbling and Lumpy Appearance Due to Restylane 8 Months Ago and the HA Injection Has Not Helped. Is This Tissue Damage?

I had restylane injected into a very small acne scar on my cheek 8 months ago. It left not only a depression but a raised area that does not feel lumpy. It is smooth to touch... READ MORE

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Again, I just wonder after your first fraxel treatment you seemed content, and do you think you would have been satisfied with only one of those treatments, since it appears the problem happened after the 2nd treatment? READ COMMENT

He said he doesn't do endymed although I can check to find someone who does. Aside from the couperose did you find the fraxel (this is the same as the CO2, correct?) helped with scarring? And it was the endymd that actually helped... READ COMMENT

I just asked a PS about this endymd fractional skin resurfacing and he says it is mostly for skin rejuvenation but that CO2 fractional lasar better for acne scars.....I'm confused, b/c with all negative comments I am reluctant to do the... READ COMMENT

Hi i wonder if there any update from this posting....If you are happy with the reults of the endymed fractional skin resurfacing? READ COMMENT

Which dermaroller do you recommend? which make? READ COMMENT