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Can I Remove Cheek Implant After 3 Weeks Surgery?

Hi i had a porex cheek implant sergery 3 weeks ago,and its too big for my face,and still i hav swelling ,and i feel uncomfortable,i look worse... and also i cant smile like... READ MORE

How Can I Reduce Swelling After Cheek Implant?

Hi after 4 weeks porex cheek implants sergry i feel really better ,and my cheeks got more natural after that horrible swelling.. i dont want remove them,but my qustion is,my... READ MORE

After 5 Weeks Porex Cheek Implant Surgery I Have Pain in Right Side, is It Infection?

Hi, after 5 weeks, its a 2 days i hav pain in my right side,i can feel it when i open my mouth and when i eat ,even i cant eat... its painfull when i eat,but my left side is... READ MORE

Why Am I Having Pain 4 Weeks After Porex Cheek Implants..is It Infection?

Hi I had Porex cheek implants 5 weeks ago, all things was ok,.. but I'm having pain for 2 days in my right side, when I open my mouth, is painful and I cant eat!!when I eat its... READ MORE

Could This Redness in my Mouth and Pain Be An Infection?

Hi after 5 weeks porex cheek implant I had 2 days pain in my right side only, and now I saw redness in my mouth not in my skin, redness in my mouth, and I have a lot of pain,... READ MORE

What Kind of Implants is Safer and Natural for Lips?

Hi I had nose surgery 5 month ago, and also I had cheek Implants 2 month ago..my look is better than before,but still have bit swelling my cheeks..I wanna to know can I hav... READ MORE

Cheek implants pain. I don't know if it's an infection or it moved?

I had my Porex cheek Implants 4 years ago,Its more than a week I have pain in right side and headache and eye sore!but no sign of infection like redness and swellen and... READ MORE

Do the blood test shows the early cheek infections?

I had pain started more than 10 days ago ,only pain in my right cheek ,not swollen or redness or discharge !so I had blood test and X-Ray,but it was normal ! I wanna know does... READ MORE

Not sure what I should do! Is it an infection or not?

I've had porex cheeks implant 4 years ago ,and 2 weeks ago I had pain ,as it was a new year and holiday couldn't find any doctor,so I started Cephalexin for 12 days until my... READ MORE

is Cefepime iv (injection)useful for cheek implant infection?

Hello I'm taking Cefepime IV every 12 Hours for 7 days,in addition of cheek implant infection. still i have redness, Swelling inside my mouth! could Cefepime injection use for... READ MORE

Weird pain in my cheek

It's been one month I have bad pain in my right cheek and eye!no swollen or redness no fever,I had MRI,X-Ray,everything was normal,my surgeon says it's not an infection also... READ MORE

What is this pain I'm suffering ?

3 years ago I've had porex cheeks implant,last month I had lips fillers injection,after 2 weeks injection I experienced a pain in my right cheek close to my rest line ,eye pain... READ MORE

Could this pain be the side effect of Botox or lips filler ?

I've had Botox and lips fillers last month,one week after I got headache ,right eye ache ,pain specially in rest line ,and pain in right cheek(also I've had cheek implants 3... READ MORE

What are the sign of shifted cheek implant?

I have pain in my right cheek,Doctor says it's not infection ,but im having so much pain,I want to know What are the sign of shifted cheek implant ? Would it be painful or... READ MORE

Any suggestions for Porex cheek implant removal?

Unfortunately I have to remove my cheek implants in few days due to so much pain , it's not infection but I have crazy pain like killing me so Doctor decided to remove them... READ MORE

Lifting with cheek implant removal at the same time?

Is it possible to remove prorex cheeks implant with facial lifting at the same time due to sagging after removal ? READ MORE

Should I remove it or not? I'm confused !

3 years ago I've had porex cheek implants,2 months ago in December I've had forehead Botox and lips filler same day,after 10 days again I applied Botox due to didn't work well... READ MORE

Cheek implant removal recovery

I've had my porex cheek implants remove last week after 3 years,it wasn't difficult as I've heard before ,some of them said it's impossible to remove....etc. all I have is... READ MORE

I had my cheek implants removed and I have a lump or very hard swelling. Will it go away or do I need surgery?

9 days ago I've had my porex cheek implants remove,the day after after surgery I got so much swelling,but now it's getting better,right side swelling mostly gone,in left side I... READ MORE

Lump after cheek implant removal. Any suggestions?

Hi,I got my porex cheek implant removed 10 days ago and now I have big hard bump into my left cheek under my eye,it's bothering me and it looks so bad and unbalanced with the... READ MORE

Lump or hematoma!!??!!! (photos)

Hello I had porex cheek implant removal 11 days ago,right after surgery I felt sth like hard lump under left cheek ,but I thought it's swelling ,now mostly swelling gone but... READ MORE