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Byugal, I totally understand with all the time and money spent you want the perms to be exactly what you want. Keep in mind they will feel differently than your temps because of the change in your gum line plus they will seat much... READ COMMENT

Byugal, Hang in there, I just received my permanent implants two days ago and although the process is long as your well aware of (8 months for myself) I had to go back twice on my wax try in's. I couldn't be more pleased with the... READ COMMENT

Susan1599, I know you directed your question to Fannie but if you don't mind I'll give you the details of the cost of my procedure which I had done 11 weeks ago. My procedure consisted of having all my teeth extracted (28 total) and... READ COMMENT

Fannie, Funny you mentioned bitting yourself I did the exact same thing on the inside of my cheek it happed while I was asleep a few days after the procedure. Stay the course and just be mindful on the pain meds since they are pretty... READ COMMENT

Fannie, Glad to hear your procedure went well. I'm on week 6 since my procedure and I had some swelling and bruising a few days after the surgery which subsided after a few days. I have to second Byugal's feelings of having all this... READ COMMENT